Exciting Study Abroad Opportunity: Empire & Colonial Process at Harlow Campus (Spring 2025)!

Nov 27th, 2023

Dept. of Archaeology

Study in Britain! Spring (May to June) 2025

Empire & Colonial Process

Embark on a journey through Britain's history from a distant outpost of Ancient Rome to the hub of a global economic and military Empire.

Uncover the past, explore the present, and be part of a transformative experience at Harlow Campus - where history comes to life!



  • Oxford
  • York
  • Bath
  • Bristol
  • London

Interested? Please reach out to:

Dr. Lisa Rankin
Dept. of Archaeology, Memorial University

Dr. Barry Gaulton
Dept. of Archaeology, Memorial University

Empire & Colonial Process Poster (PDF)

Poster describing a study abroad opportunity for Spring 2025 at Harlow Campus titled Empire & Colonial Process