2012: Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras. III

Bonne Bay Marine Station, Norris Point, NL, August 12 - 18, 2012

Gros Morne mountain

The VII AAC International Workshop "Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras. III" was held at Bonne Bay Marine Station of Memorial University of Newfoundland in Norris Point, NL, from August 12 - 18, 2012. You can  see here our first, second and third announcements. The abstracts and the schedule of talks can be found here

Some of our speakers kindly agreed that the slides of their presentation appear on this web site. Following are the slides of   Eduardo Martinez Pedrosa, Geoffrey JanssensGabriel Pretel, Mitja MastnakAlexey GordienkoEric JespersIrina SviridovaYinhuo Zhang.

On the picture above you can see Gros Morne mountain (807 m or 2,648 ft) that is located near Bonne Bay Marine Station. This is the second highest peak on the island of Newfoundland. There is a hiking trail to the mountain.