Algebra Elevenses 2013/2014

Dr. Mikhail Kotchetov talked about Hopf algebras on May 10.

On April 10, Dr. Marco Merkli was a guest of AAC and everyone enjoyed Shadi Shaqaqha's very special Turkish coffee.

On March 20, Shadi Shaqaqha gave some details about his Master's thesis.

On March 6, Dr. Yuri Bahturin spoke about polynomial identities of Lie algebras of vector fields, as a twist to the topic of our recent mini course.

 Why NASA may be interested in the work of an algabraist? On February 20 Dr Yuly Billig, AAC guest from Carleton University, told a story of NASA approching him in a bid to get a telescope orbiting the Sun fixed.

 On February 13, Dr. Edgrar Goodair provided an unorthodox approach to show that a product of sums of squares is a sum of squares.

 On February 7, Dr Mikhail Kochetov told the AAC members some surprising things about the ... quaternions.

This Thursday, January 30, Dr. Tom Baird gave an outline of the course he is teaching this semester, Homological Algebra.

On January 23 Dr. Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza talked about his research interests which include hyperbolic groups. He introduced the notion of hyperbolics groups, noting the existence of various definitions and gave a brief talk on the history of the subject.

Algebra Elevenses took place on January 16 in the AAC meeting room for the first time. During this highly informal event the aim of Algebra Elevenses was stated, various topics in mathematics were discussed including some very peculiar incidents and comical situations that happened to the members of AAC.