2013: Combinatorial Algebra

International Workshop in Combinatorial Algebra

Honoring The Contributions of Luzius Grunenfelder and Tony Geramita

June 1 – 4, 2013
Dalhousie University/Saint Mary's University
Halifax, NS


The aim of this workshop is to discuss the current state of research in several interrelating areas of modern Combinatorial Algebra, with emphasis on the Combinatorics of Commutative Algebras, Groups and Hopf Algebras. The workshop is a satellite event to two special sessions of the 2013 CMS Summer Meeting, which runs from June 4 - 7. These sessions are Commutative Algebra and Combinatorics and Hopf Algebras and Tensor Categories.

The Workshop is organised by Atlantic Algebra Centre (AAC) affiliated to Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). AAC is supported by MUN and as a Collaborative Research Group by the Atlantic Association for Research in the Mathematical Sciences. Download the poster here.

Contributed Talks:

The workshop will include several 2-hour lectures, 1-hour research talks and a number of shorter research communications. If you would like to participate or give a talk in this workshop, please send an email to aac@mun.ca by April 1, 2013.


Marcelo Aguiar (Texas A&M University)
Yuri Bahturin (Memorial University)
Francois Bergeron (UQAM)
Nantel Bergeron (York University)
Matej Bresar (University of Ljubljana & Maribor)
Giulio Caviglia (Purdue University)
Vesselin Drensky (Bulgarian Academy of Sciences)
Gaston Garcia (National University of La Plata)
Mehdi Garrousian (Western University)
Luzius Grunenfelder (UBC)
Jurgen Herzog (University of Duisburg-Essen)Juergen_HerzogSara Madariaga (University of Saskatchewan)
Matjaz Omladic (University of Ljubljana)
Robert Pare (Dalhousie University)
Heydar Radjavi (University of Waterloo)
David Riley (Western University)
Yohannes Tadesse (Uppsala University)
Adam Van Tuyl (Lakehead University)

As part of the workshop, an AAC Mini Course on Commutative Algebras will be organized with June 4th being entirely dedicated to the minicourse. The lecturers are Jurgen Herzog and Giulio Caviglia.

Group Photo: 

Group standing on a balcony


Schedule: all talks will be at room 319 of Chase building, Dalhousie University.

Date and TimeSpeakerTitle (click titles for abstract)
June 1  
9:00-9:50Vesselin DrenskyRepresentation theory of symmetric and general linear groups
10:00-10:50Jurgen HerzogAcyclicity criteria for finite free resolutions and the lower bound conjecture
10:50-11:10 Coffee Break 
11:10-12:00Matej BresarFunctional identities
12:00–1:30Lunch Break 
1:30–2:20Yuri BahturinHopf Algebras and Graded Algebras
2:30-3:20Marcelo AguiarThe antipode problem for Hopf monoids in the category of species
3:20-3:40Coffee Break 
3:40-4:30David RileyOn the behaviour of the Frobenius map in a noncommutative world
4:40-5:00Sara MadariagaGrobner-Shirshov bases for the non-symmetric operads of dendriform algebras and
5:10-5:30Mehdi GarrousianKoszul algebras arising from hyperplane arrangements
 June 2  
 9:00-9:50Matej BresarFunctional identities
10:00-10:50 Vesselin DrenskyCommutative and noncommutative classical invariant theory
10:50-11:10Coffee Break 
11:10-12:00 Jurgen HerzogBoij-Soderbeg theory with application to the multiplicity theorem
12:00–1:30Lunch Break 
1:30–2:20Francois BergeronAlgebraic Combinatorics and Rational Combinatorics
2:30-3:20Yuri Bahturin Actions of free groups and algebras
3:20-3:40Coffee Break 
3:40–4:20Adam Van TuylGraph colouring information encoded into monomial ideals
4:30–5:20Giulio CavigliaGeneric initial ideals
5:30–5:50Yohannes TadesseUsing edge-induced and vertex-induced subhypergraph polynomials
 June 3  
 9:00-9:50Marcelo AguiarRings in categories with two monoidal structures
 10:00-10:50Luzius Grunenfelder On the cohomology of a Hopf algebra extension
10:50-11:10 Coffee Break 
11:10-12:00Heydar RadjaviSemigroups of Partial Isometries
 12:00–1:30Lunch Break  
 1:30–2:20Matjaz OmladicFinite groups with submultiplicative spectrum
 2:30-3:20 Robert PareComonoids in Rel
 3:20-3:40 Coffee Break 
3:40-4:30 Gaston GarciaDeformation by cocycles of pointed Hopf algebras over non-abelian groups
4:40-5:20 Nantel BergeronRepresentation of tower of algebras and combinatorial Hopf algebras
5:30-5:50 Marina TvalavadzeOn structure of filiform Lie algebras
 June 4  
9:00-10:00 Jurgen HerzogBoij-Soderbeg theory with application to the multiplicity theorem
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break 
 10:30-11:30 Giulio CavigliaGeneric initial ideals
 11:30-1:30 Lunch Break 
1:30-2:30 Giulio CavigliaGeneric initial ideals
2:30-3:00 Coffee Break 
3:00-4:00 Jurgen HerzogBoij-Soderbeg theory with application to the multiplicity theorem



There is some funding available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows to participate in the workshop and minicourse. To apply for funding, please send your requests to Sara Faridi at faridi@mathstat.dal.ca by April 1, 2013. Please ask your supervisor to send a letter as well.

Registration Fee: 

We collect a registration fee to cover the costs of coffee breaks, printings, etc. The fee for students and retired professors is $30 and for everyone else $50. It should be paid in cash at the time of registration.



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There are bus services from the Halifax International Airport (YHZ) to downtown Halifax and vice versa. Alternatively one can take a taxi or rent a car from the airport. Information about this can be found at this web site.

The Organising Committee:

Margaret Beattie (Mount Allison University)
Sara Faridi (Dalhousie University)
Mikhail Kotchetov (Memorial University)
Mitja Mastnak (Saint Mary's University)
Hamid Usefi (Memorial University)