2007: Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras II

International Workshop
Groups, Rings, Lie and Hopf Algebras II
August 13-17, 2007
Bonne Bay Marine Station
Memorial University of Newfoundland

The preparation of the workshop and its work were greatly facilitated by the Station Manager Ms Fiona Cuthbert. A lot of work was done by the staff of the Department of Mathematics and Statistics (Departmental Head Dr Chris Radford), with the most invaluable contribution by Ms Ros English. From AAC, the organizational work was done by the AAC Coordinator Dr Yuri Bahturin, Drs Mikhail Kochetov and Mike Parmenter, with the help of our Postdoctoral Fellow Dr Marina Tvalavadze, Ph D student Jason McGraw and SWASP student Brad Dart.

The 1-hour lectures, in total 11, were given by Eric Jespers (University of Brussels), Mikhail Kochetov (Memorial University), Mikhail Lau (University of Windsor), Erhard Neher (University of Ottawa), Dmitri Nikshych (University of New Hampshire), David Radford (University of Illinois, Chicago), Sudarshan Sehgal (University of Alberta), Vera Serganova (University of California - Berkeley), Mikhail Zaicev (Moscow State University), Alexandre Zalesski (University of East Anglia).