Faculty Members

The following faculty members participate in this program:

Iakov Afanassiev - experimental oceanic and atmospheric fluid dynamics; numerical modelling of geophysical flows (Ph.D. P.P. Shirshov Institute of Oceanology, Russian Acad.)

Jahrul Alam - turbulent flows in the atmosphere, oceans and porous media (Ph.D. McMaster)

Aleksandrs Aleksejevs – precision tests of the standard model, properties of hadrons in effective field theories (Ph.D. Manitoba)

Svetlana Barkanova – nucleon structure, low-energy tests of the standard model, physics beyond the standard model, fundamental symmetries, radon measurement and mitigation, effective teaching methods, women in science (Ph.D. Manitoba)

Ivan Booth - general relativity; black hole physics (Ph.D. Waterloo)

Stephanie Curnoe - electronic, magnetic and structural properties of solid state materials, including unconventional superconductivity, magnetic and non-magnetic ordering, and structural phase transitions (Ph.D. British Columbia)

Margarita Kondratieva - asymptotical methods in quantum mechanics; optimization in discrete structures (Ph.D. Tomsk State)

Hari Kunduri - general relativity, black holes, Riemannian geometry (Ph.D. Cambridge)

Marco Merkli - mathematical physics, quantum dynamical systems (Ph.D. Toronto)

Ivan Saika-Voivod - thermodynamics and dynamics of supercooled liquids, focussing on aspects of crystal nucleation and the glass transition. Systems studied include silica, attractive colloids, Lennard-Jones liquid and nanoclusters(Ph.D. Western Ontario)