Research Development

Grants Facilitation Team

Who we are

The Faculty of Science Grants Facilitation Team is made up of the Associate Dean of Science (Research and Graduate Students -ADSR) – Dr. Jacqueline Blundell and the three  Grant Facilitation Officers (GFOs) - Dr. Lynn Frizzell , Dr. Jenn Major and Phillip MacCallum.

What we do

Our main role is to support the development and diversification of your research funding portfolio.

We aim to do this by working with applicants one-on-one to (1) craft the best possible funding applications; (2) find new research funding opportunities and collaborations; and (3) by developing resources and learning opportunities to support the development of:

  • Your excellence as a researcher,
  • The excellence of your HQP training philosophy and environment,
  • Collaborations and partnerships that can broaden your opportunities, and
  • The reach and impact of your work.

The maintenance of your grants and financial matters are managed with your Departmental Administrative Staff Specialist, Research Initiative and Services (RIS) – formerly Research Grants and Contracts Services (RGCS) – and Financial Services (FAS); although we are happy to help where we can!

What we offer

We welcome your feedback and suggestions for new resources, information sessions, or other ways we can support you! 

Contact Us!

Dr. Jacqueline Blundell, Associate Dean (Research & Graduate), C-2001, 864-4752
Dr. Lynn Frizzell, Grants Facilitation Officer, C-2061B, 864-4458
Dr. Jenn Major, Grants Facilitation Officer, C-2061A, 864-2269;
Phillip MacCallum, Grants Facilitation Officer, C-2047, 864-8440