Program of Study

The minimum requirements for the Degree of Master of Data Science are the completion of the following:

  • The graduate courses DSCI-6601, DSCI-6602, DSCI-6607, DSCI-6619, DSCI-6659, plus two additional 3-credit hour courses from the list of Data Science Elective Courses or courses from other academic units approved by the Dean of Graduate Studies.
  • DSCI-6690 and DSCI-695A/B and a final project report. The report must demonstrate a satisfactory general mastery of data science knowledge.


DSCI-6619 Regression models
DSCI-6601 Practical machine learning

Programmatic data analysis using R and Python


Data science case study series

*Students must also register for SUBJ 9000 in this semester.

DSCI-6659 Statistical exploration of data
DSCI-6602 Deep learning and artificial intelligence
DSCI-695A Capstone project
  Elective 1 and possibly elective 2
DSCI-695B Capstone project
  Elective 2 if not previously completed