Distinguished Teaching Award (Staff & PCI)

Dr. Rick Goulding

This is a new award, established in 2022, which recognizes staff members and per course instructors who have provided exceptional, innovative teaching or support to teaching activities, including enabling accessible education and by enhancing student success and retention.

The award is based on areas including, but not limited to:

  • Student-centered teaching at a high standard and in a manner that helps the Faculty of Science achieve its objectives. 
  • Efforts to make the Faculty of Science a welcome, inclusive and accessible education community for students, faculty and staff, including by helping other instructors enhance their teaching in a formal or informal setting.
  • Providing innovative, engaging learning experiences using modern approaches to teaching. 
  • Actions that help the Faculty of Science enhance student success and retention.

Distinguished Teaching (Staff and PCI) Award Recipients

2022 - Dr. Rick Goulding, Physics and Physical Oceanography