Admission is normally restricted to candidates holding an M.Sc. or (outstanding) Honours B.Sc. in either Mathematics or Physics. However, depending on background and area of specialization, other degrees may also be acceptable. For example, students with undergraduate or graduate degrees in engineering, chemistry, or geophysics would often have the necessary background to succeed in appropriate subdisciplines of theoretical physics.

Applications to graduate programs at Memorial are made through the School of Graduate Studies and may be initiated online by following these instructions. Hard copies of documents such as letters of reference and official transcripts must also be submitted to Graduate Studies.

Applications should be submitted at least three months (or four months for foreign students who must apply for student visas) before the beginning of the semseter in which registration is intended. Semesters at Memorial start at the beginning of September, January, and May. Prospective students are encouraged to contact potential supervisors to discuss possible projects and common research interests at the same time as (or before) they apply to the program.

Successful applicants will be offered a stipend which is intended to help cover tuition and the costs of living. This is guaranteed for four years (provided that the student maintains eligibility) and is usually made up from a combination of Graduate School Fellowships, teaching assistantships (in one or both of the sponsoring departments) and funds from the supervisor's grant. In comparing this level of support with that offered by other Canadian universities, one should keep in mind the relatively low costs of tuition at Memorial and living expenses in St. John's.

Finally, note that the interdisciplinary program in Theoretical Physics is a Ph.D. program. Students who wish to take a Masters degree in this area should instead apply for an M.Sc. program in Mathematics or Physics (according to their interests, background, and location of potential supervisors).