Faculty Members

BROWN, C. - Biogeography; forest ecology; arctic ecology; fire ecology; consequences of climate change on species distributions (PhD, Saskatchewan)

CAHILL, L. - Environmental toxicants; magnetic resonance; maternal and fetal health; metabolomics; microplastics; neurodevelopment; per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances; placenta; pregnancy; ultrasound (PhD, McMaster University)

CHEN, Q. - Photonic materials, devices and applications (PhD, Academia Sinica)

CHEN, B. - Contaminant (NPS and POPs) transport and fate, environmental modeling and management, site remediation, petroleum waste management, water and wastewater treatment, coastal and marine pollution control, and climate change studies (PhD, Regina)

CUSS, C. - Analytical nanogeochemistry; chemometrics; complex geochemical systems; dissolved organic matter; environmental dynamics; environmental geochemistry; trace elements (phD, Trent University)

DEMIROV, E. - Ocean modeling and data assimilation, Operational oceanography, Interannual ocean variability (PhD, St. Petersburg)

EDINGER, E. - Coral and coral reefs; deep sea corals; paleoecology; marine habitat mapping; marine biodiversity and its conservation (PhD, McMaster)

FINNIS, J. - Climate dynamics and variability; Arctic meteorology & climate; synoptic climatology; machine learning (PhD, Colorado)


GALAGEDARA, L.W. - near surface hydrology from pedon to watershed scales, hydrogeophysical applications for land and water resources development, modeling of water and contaminant transport through porous media, effect of climate change on land & water resources, interdisciplinary approaches in sustainable land & water resources management (PhD, Guelph)

GODFREY ANDERSON, J. – experiential and place-based teaching and learning, math education, assessment practices, and educational change (PhD, UNB). Visit 

GREGORY, R.S. - fish ecology, behaviour, and recruitment; habitat disruption and selection by juvenile fishes; inshore and nearshore fish community ecology (PhD, British Columbia)

HAN, G. - Physical oceanography; numerical modeling; satellite oceanography; sea-level rise (PhD, Hohai)

HANCHAR, J. - Environmental geochemistry, cleanup of nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons (PhD, Rensselar Polytechnic Institute)

HARGAN, Kathryn E.
- Aquatic ecology, paleolimnology, biovectors including seabirds as ecosystem connectors and indicators of environmental change, diatoms, stable isotopes and molecular biomarkers (PhD, Queen's) 

KRISHNAPILLAI, M. - Soils, electrokinetic remediation, phytoremediation, Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR), sustainable agricultural practices (PhD, Manitoba)

LeDEZ, K.M. - Inhaled toxicology (anesthetics, industrial pollutants), occupational and industrial exposure (ChB, Dundee)

LEROUX, Shawn J. - ecosystem ecology, nutrient cycling, biogeography, conservation biology, mathematical biology. Study systems include boreal forests, lakes and streams and marine (PhD, McGill)

LIBOIRON, M. - marine plastics, citizen science, social study of science and technology (PhD, New York)

MARINO, P. - Bryophyte ecology, Plant/animal interactions, Agricultural ecology, Biological control (Alberta)

McGAW, I. - effects of environmental changes on the behaviour and physiology of marine invertebrates; invertebrate aquaculuture; feeding and digestion in crustaceans (PhD, Wales-Bangor)

MONTEVECCHI, W. - Feeding ecology of seabirds; Birds and climate change; Habitat utilization and protection; Birds as bio-indicators in marine and terrestrial ecosystems; Conservation Biology; Endangered species (PhD, Rutgers)

MORRILL, P. - environmental organic geochemistry; microbial utilization of carbon; abiotic reactions; organic contaminants in groundwater and harbours; sourcing hydrocarbons including natural gas (PhD, Toronto)

PARRISH, C.C. - Chemical oceanography; production, transport, fate and effects of marine lipids (PhD, Dalhousie)

PODUSKA, K - chemistry and physics of natural and synthetic materials; archaeological science (PhD, Cornell)

PURCHASE, C. - Fish life history variability, phenotypic plasticity, local adaptation, reproduction, conservation (PhD, Toronto)

RIVKIN, R. - Biological oceanography, microbial ecology, carbon biogeochemistry, marine food webs, ocean climate interactions, global climate change (PhD, Rhode Island)

ROBERT, Katleen - Seafloor and habitat mapping, spatial ecology, species distributions, multibeam bathymetry, terrain analysis and cold-water corals (PhD,University of Southampton, UK)

RONCAL, Julissa - My research is focused on understanding the patterns and processes underlying the evolution of plant richness in tropical America. I use molecular dated phylogenies, species distributions, phylogenetic comparative methods, and biogeographic modeling to understand plant species evolution. Knowledge of the evolutionary history and the processes that led to plant diversity can be useful for conservation and management.

SHETRANJIWALLA, S. - Multidisciplinary research in innovative green methods and materials from renewable resources; upcycling of marine and commodity polymer waste; circular design, synthesis, characterization and structure-property relationships of synthetic and biopolymers; synthesis, characterization and performance evaluation of organosilicon organic-inorganic hybrid materials and nanocomposites; green chemistry and life cycle analysis metrics of products and processes for improved synthesis protocols, sustainable environmental impacts and enhanced materials performance (MSc-PhD, Trent)

SIRCOM, J. - insect ecology, both aquatic (stream detritivores) and terrestrial (pollinators). Currently investigating ways to enhance native pollinators in commercial cranberry fields (PhD, Dalhousie)  

TARASOV, L. - earth systems modelling, glacial system dynamics, sealevel, paleoclimate, model calibration and uncertainty quantification (PhD, Toronto)

UNC, A. - Soil science, water quality, integrated soil-plant continuum microbial ecology, nutrient and carbon cycling, soil fertility, agronomy, water and waste treatment and management, transport of contaminants through environmental matrices, remediation of degraded lands, applied environmental microbiology, applied bioinformatics, environmental sampling and analysis (PhD, Guelph)

WARKENTIN, I.G. - population ecology and conservation of birds living in human modified environments, management of protected areas (PhD, Saskatchewan)

WIERSMA, Y.F. - landscape ecology, forest ecology, lichenology, conservation biology, parks and protected areas, conservation GIS (PhD, Guelph)

WU, J. - The impact of agricultural drainage on the greenhouse gas emissions and carbon balance in boreal peatlands. Field work will be conducted in Western Newfoundland.             

YETHIRAJ, A. - structure and kinetics of self-assembly in soft materials; physics, chemistry and materials science of colloids, polymers, emulsions, and foams (PhD, Simon Fraser)

ZEDEL, L. - Near surface and near shore ocean processes, passive and active ocean acoustics, sound propagation and scattering, instrument development (PhD, British Columbia)

ZIEGLER, S. - Biogeochemistry of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems (PhD, Texas)