Volunteer and work opportunities

The FOSTER Science Program is an undergoing continued development and growth with work and volunteer opportunities varying throughout the year.

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities involving the development of hands-on grade school level experiments which make use of readily available household materials and align with NLESD (Newfoundland and Labrador English School District) curriculum outcomes are of interest in this program. Interested undergraduate and graduate students will be paired with a supervisor within the departments of Biology, Biochemistry or Chemistry for guidance with this project. The work will involve the writing experiments including background information, experimental procedure, and worksheets/answer keys related to the experiment. In some casec, experimental videos outlining experimental steps may also be developed as part of the project.

Current Work Opportunities

Work opportunities vary throughout the year and include experimental design, the development of experimental and career videos, webpage maintenance and development, lab instructor, and other administrative duties.

Work opportunities are updated as they become available.
There are no positions currently available.