Student Requirements for POSC 4600

The basic prerequisites for the undergraduate internship are to have completed 60 credit hours. This total must include at least 12 credit hours (4 courses) in Political Science with a minimum average of 70% and permission of the instructor. Limited flexibility may be possible.

If you meet these criteria, please submit your name, e-mail address, and MUN student number to the course administrator (currently Alex Marland) and complete the pre-enrollment questionnaire. To enroll in POSC 4600 you must complete an "add/drop" form and obtain the course administrator's signature; it cannot be added otherwise.

Early in the Course Registration Period

  • Think about career fields and organizations where you would like to work
  • Fill out and submit placement interests questionnaire
  • Submit a completed add/drop form to the course administrator for a signature to allow you to enroll in the course. This must be accompanied with a printout of the relevant area of your transcript in order to clearly demonstrate that you meet the prerequisite requirements (as mentioned above; a Student Self-Service printout is fine). The signed form will then need to be taken to the Head of the Department for another signature and then to the Registrar's Office for you to register. It is only once a student is registered that the course administrator will consent to initiating a job placement search.

As Soon as You Are Registered in POSC 4600

  • Maintain regular communication with the course administrator about available placement options
  • Drop off a printed copy of your résumé and a cover letter at the front desk of the Centre for Career Development (Smallwood Centre, 4th Floor, UC 4002) during regular business hours for them to critique it; pick up the critiqued version 48 hours later for adjustment
  • Register for a mock interview with the Centre for Career Development. They need at least 2 business days' notice, sometimes more, so plan to do this as soon as you get permission to take POSC 4600.

1st Week of Classes (though often before the semester begins)

  • Follow the course administrator's direction to contact potential employer(s)
  • Provide résumé and cover letter to employer (emaling a .pdf document may be preferable) to help set up interview
  • Begin optional journal entries to assist with preparation of reflective essay that will be due at the end of the semester
  • Meet with employer(s) for interview; provide and discuss the "Learning, Confidentiality and Professional Conduct" Agreement
  • Agree on work schedule and start date with employer; sign Agreement (provide original to course administrator and a copy to the employer)
  • Begin first hour of 96 hours of internship work
  • Begin filling out work log entries

Through the placement process students must keep the course administrator informed of which placements they are applying for and their progress. This lets the Department keep track of what is happening and to help address any complications.

Once a student accepts an internship, the course administrator must be informed immediately, so that confirmation can be received from the employer, and so that other students who were interested in that position can look elsewhere.

Remainder of the Course
There are a variety of written assignments that need to be completed. This includes submitting a briefing note (see also second briefing note example), a cabinet paper (see also second cabinet paper example), and two critical reflective essays. Students are encouraged to review the course syllabus, to ask questions during scheduled course meetings, and to seek clarification from the course administrator.