Graduate Studies (M.A.)

Advantages of an M.A. Degree

A Master of Arts in Political Science offers an excellent opportunity to expand your research, writing, and analytical abilities as well as your career opportunities. Graduates go on to careers in:

• Public Administration (federal, provincial and local governments)
• Private Sector (business, organizations, electoral politics, public opinion, journalism and consulting),
• Law, and
• Academia and teaching.

In Canada, the federal and provincial governments face looming shortages of people with research and administrative training in public policy. Evidence also suggests that an M.A. can have an immediate impact on your career prospects. According to the Government of Canada’s JobFutures research:

• Two years after graduating with a M.A. in Political Science, graduates earn 49% more than those who graduate with a B.A. in Political Science.
• 66% of Political Science M.A. graduates with previous work experience find a job within one month of graduation.

Advantages of Completing an M.A. at Memorial

Memorial is one of the largest universities in Atlantic Canada. We offer competitive fellowship support to graduate students combined with very low tuition. We are a growing and dynamic department committed to our graduate students. We offer several different program streams and place a strong emphasis on applied learning and internships. The majority of students finish the Master of Arts program within the length of their program, whether 12 or 24 months.

Our Faculty members are internationally renowned experts in their fields, winning awards and prestigious fellowships for research, teaching, service, and mentorship. Faculty members’ research interests cover all major subfields of Political Science. You can learn more about individual faculty members’ areas of expertise in the Department’s people page.

What Graduates Have To Say

"The Master's program provided strong financial support and an excellent opportunity to gain practical experience through the internship option. The program made concrete what I learned in the undergraduate program and truly prepared me to work in the policy field." (Christine, federal government employee)

"My experiences as an undergraduate and graduate student within the Political Science Department at Memorial University were very rewarding. Academically, the Department provided me with the foundation required to pursue an academic career in the discipline of Political Science. As an undergraduate student I was encouraged by faculty to pursue my interests and I received guidance and encouragement when it was needed. As a graduate student I received generous financial support that helped fund my field research. Overall, the environment within the department is cordial and provides students with the skills required to succeed both in the workplace and within the Academy." (Jeff, Ph.D. student)

“My experience as a graduate student with the Political Science department at Memorial has been very enjoyable and rewarding . . . . All of the professors in the department were always available regardless of whether they were teaching you a course or not. On any given day you could walk down the hallway and knock on their doors and ask them for their advice or help with school work or future academic or professional endeavors and they were always willing to assist you in any way possible.” (Alexandria, law student)


The information provided on this Website is designed to help students who are considering graduate studies at Memorial University. For more information about how to apply, tuition fees, and the process of becoming a graduate student, you should contact the School of Graduate Studies. More information can be found here:

After reading our website and checking out the website of the School of Graduate Studies, if you have any inquiries about the program please do not hesitate to contact our Graduate Coordinator.