Political Science

Want a deep understanding of local and national politics? Care about Canada’s place in the world and global affairs? Passionate about creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future? Our undergraduate and graduate programs in Political Science will give you a fundamental knowledge of government, policymaking, political action, and research design. Learn skills in writing, reading, data analysis, theory, and communication, while engaging with pressing issues and problems that affect your community, and communities across the world.   

Law and Public Policy 

Interested in a career of public service? Want a deeper knowledge of domestic and international law and administration? Our undergraduate program in Law and Public Policy will provide you with an understanding of the legal underpinnings of policymaking, across a range of local, national, and global challenges. Acquire key skills in policy analysis, legal reasoning, governance, statistics, data gathering, and teamwork, and learn how to apply your knowledge in a practical and policy-relevant way.