Employers' Comments on Internship Experience

"Our intern was a pleasure to have around - smart, skilled, flexible, open to doing a variety of odd jobs connected with several different projects. This is a great way to meet students and introduce them to the work of your organization. I would recommend that you have a number of things that the student can work on semi-independently. We hope to hire our intern again this summer." (Community Services Council Newfoundland and Labrador)

"The internship program has been a very positive experience for our office. Students bring a fresh outlook, enthusiasm and energy which benefits all in the office environment. Our intern, utilizing his knowledge and research expertise provided our group with a working document, a profile, that is an excellent analytical base from which to build and that will be used in briefing materials and reports. Our intern was high performance who exercised initiative and demonstrated maturity. He was professional in his approach requiring little supervision and it soon was evident to all of us who worked with him that he would be a valuable member of any team. We look forward to participating regularly in the internship program." (Industry Canada)

"Our federal department benefited immensely from the internship program. Our intern applied her political science knowledge, research competencies and government administration experience to support evolving public sector initiatives and new research areas. The scope of work involved in emergency management requires acknowledgement of diverse federal, provincial and municipal jurisdictions and understanding the critical dependencies and interdependencies within the emergency management framework. Our intern successfully applied her knowledge and work ethic to contribute to the completion of specific milestones and deliverables. We look forward to being a regular participant in this internship program." (Public Safety Canada)

"Our law firm was very fortunate to have the services of a bright young intern from the Memorial University Political Science Department. His experience with research techniques and background in government processes enabled him to provide valuable assistance during his internship at our office." (Aylward, Chislett & Whitten)

"Our intern in the provincial government was a high-performing student who exercised initiative and paid particular attention to detail. The responsibilities of our office demand professional behavior and strong communication skills, and our intern's abilities quickly proved to be an valuable asset to our team. We would certain welcome, and look forward to, additional interns of this caliber." (Intergovernmental Affairs, Government of Newfoundland and Labrador)

"Our intern applied himself with a conscientious work ethic, and his meticulous attention to detail, his understanding of the goals of the organization and his ability to meet the rigorous demands of a hectic and fast-paced work environment not only provided him with invaluable experience in research and government relations, but it also enabled us to benefit from a hard worker with fresh and spirited insights. The adaptability, flexibility and creative thinking possessed by students in this program are exactly what our office is looking for in future employees and the experience was a valuable and beneficial one for everybody involved. I would strongly encourage other organizations to avail themselves of this opportunity." (MUN Students' Union)