Minor in Political Science

B.A. (Hons) and B.A. students in other disciplines who choose a Minor in Political Science will gain some exposure to the systematic study of politics and government that should help them in their academic studies, career, and as a citizen.


  • Awareness of politics and government that is a useful complement to any Major
  • Increased familiarity with democratic principles and institutions
  • Considerable flexibility in selecting Political Science courses that interest you


  • Less knowledge of the scientific study of politics and government than a Major in Political Science
  • Usually not a consideration for employment opportunities or graduate school
  • Not eligible to pursue a concentration in Canadian Government or Global Studies

The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences has a number of requirements to qualify for a Bachelor of Arts, which are outlined in the University Calendar.

While working towards a Minor in Political Science, you could opt to select courses that will allow you to also complete an academic certificate.

Instead of a Political Science Minor you could opt to take a Double Major. This would require completing the requirements for your Major and completing the requirements for the Political Science Major. You would no longer have a Minor. For example, instead of graduating with a Major in History and a Minor in Political Science, you could graduate with a Major in History and a Major in Political Science. Candidates may consult with the Head of the Department or its Undergraduate Advisor to receive advice on Political Science course selections.

To graduate with a Minor in Political Science, a candidate must have an average of 60% or better in courses required for the Political Science program (excluding 1000-level courses). A student receiving 55% or less on any Political Science course at the 2000-level or higher is expected to seek advice from the Department at the start of the next semester to ensure that adequate progress is being maintained.

Minor Requirements - Political Science

  1. Students for a Minor in Political Science must complete at least 24 credit hours in courses offered by the Department, including:

    1. POSC 1000;

    2. a minimum of 6 credit hours at the 2000-level, which must include POSC 2800; and

    3. a minimum of 12 credit hours at the 3000-level or above, which must include at least 3 credit hours at the 4000-level.


      1. No more than one of POSC 1010 or 1020 can be included among the 24 POSC credit hours required for a Minor.

      2. POSC 1001 and 3010 are recommended choices for a Minor.

      3. For a Minor, credit hours in another discipline may not be substituted for POSC credit hours.

  2. Students for a Minor are required to select courses as specified under Minor in Political Science. A possible course pattern is presented in Table 7 Course Pattern for a Minor in Political Science.



Although not required, we recommend that Minor candidates complete 1001 Critical Reading and Writing: Politics and Governance before the end of their second year, and that they complete 3010 Empirical Methods in Political Science.