Students' Comments on Internship Experience

"I thought the internship course was one of the best courses I have completed in my degree. There is nothing comparable to real world experience! The only thing I would like to see is this become a stream of the Political Science major program." (Megan)

"I enjoyed the opportunity. I was surprised at how easily I was able to find something in my field of study (marine environment policy), and it definitely developed my knowledge on the subject. The nature of my internship experience also gave me the opportunity to develop a thesis I had thought about before, which was convenient." (Ken)

"The Political Science Internship took everything I had learned throughout my University experience and applied it. After just a few hours I, began to decipher which of my skills were most practical in the 'real world' and which ones I needed to develop further. I also had the opportunity to network with potential future employers and gain insight into the types of employees they look for. I believe the greatest value of the Internship is that it provides a unique and exciting experience that is unparalleled in the classroom." (Mark)

"For me, completing the political science internship was very rewarding. It was the most educational experience of my undergraduate degree as it gave me the opportunity to step outside of the classroom and transition directly into the workforce. Working with Public Safety Canada, I found new confidence knowing that I am able to apply what I have learned in my studies in a real life setting. Also, the experience I gained working with the federal government will surely give me an advantage when competing with other recent graduates for professional positions. The contacts I made with my employer, co-workers, and professors will be beneficial to me in the future as well. Overall, the internship was a positive experience for me and I would recommend it to anyone." (Chrissy)

"The undergraduate internship program has been an intellectually stimulating and exciting experience. As a senior Political Science student with aspirations in the fields of journalism and communications, the internship offered me the opportunity to essentially customize my placement in order to gain valuable work experience in my areas of interest. I would recommend the internship course to students who are advanced enough in their degree programs that they possess specific interest areas in Political Science where they would like to gain more specialized knowledge or eventually start a career. By knowing prior to the start of your placement a particular area of government or the private sector that you think may be in the direction of your future career path, you will gain the most benefits from your internship experience. No matter where you are placed, an internship in Political Science offers you the unique chance to take the abstract concepts of politics off the pages of your textbooks and into the real world. From my time as an intern, I gained knowledge, contacts, experience, and most importantly confidence in my abilities as a student and as a valuable member of the workforce." (Jillian)

"Of all the political science courses that I have taken at MUN, the internship program has been by far the most rewarding. The program provided me with valuable hands-on work experience, as well as the chance to apply the knowledge and skills that I had acquired while studying political science. Moreover, I was able to improve my knowledge of both politics and the law, in addition to improving my research and writing skills. I was able to get a glimpse of what it is like (the phone calls that have to be made, the work involved in writing professional resumes and cover letters, the interview itself, amongst other things) to look for and secure employment (in a field related to political science). The program was a very nice change from the work and structure of a regular course. I found that the workload of the program (at least for my particular placement) was similar to other courses of the same level. I am totally glad that I chose to take the program and I wish could do it again!" (Eugene)

"Overall the internship was a great experience. It gave me a chance to interact with politicians and bureaucrats and get an understanding of how government actually works. Students also get some hands on experience and actually use the knowledge they have from completing political science courses. Moreover, I got to learn directly from a very well respected person in the Confederation Building which was a great experience and helped form some contacts and hopefully references to use later on down the road. On the negative side, it is a huge workload. There is a fair amount of work in this course other than the placement. Overall, as I stated the internship was an excellent experience, and I would definitely recommend it to any political science majors or minors." (Andrew)

"The political science undergraduate internship is a challenge that requires you to apply both your academic knowledge while gaining hands on experience. Although the Office of French Services was the farthest career path from the one I plan on pursuing, I gained knowledge of provincial politics I could never have learned in the classroom. I learned the true difficulty in policy analysis, the barriers that governmental agencies face, and the time and commitment it takes to operate a successful office that people of the province depend on. The internship program itself is something that requires dedication and time management and quickly brings you to the realization of how difficult it will be to find employment upon graduation. The internship adds truth to the idea that professionalism and knowledge is the key to success and that you need to take any opportunity that is offered to you to further your career. I would strongly recommend the internship program for anyone who is series about obtaining job experience, open minded, and ready to finally apply what they have learned through their university experience. The internship is a great opportunity and offers a chance to experience the reality we all face upon graduation!" (LaToya)

"The Internship program was a great opportunity to gain valuable work experience in a government department. I took knowledge obtained in the classroom and applied it in the workplace. During my internship I networked with government officials and departments and was able to see how things were done in the Newfoundland Provincial Government. Although the internship was short, only once a week, it still provided an example of what a degree in political science can be used for upon graduation. I would recommend that anyone thinking of pursuing a career with the federal or provincial government, NGO, or non-profit organization should take advantage of this great chance for work experience. (Travis)

"Although balancing an internship, other jobs, and an academic workload can be difficult at times, I am incredibly grateful that I took this course as I believe my internship to be the most educational experience of my undergraduate study. It gave me so much practical knowledge that I have never encountered anywhere else and I feel a new sense of readiness for a career after my academic study. On the whole, I very much enjoyed this course and I walk away from it a better student. Although I am not sure I will pursue a career within the area of my internship, it taught me a great deal about the workings of government so no doubt it will prove useful no matter what career path I choose." (Jennifer)

"Deciding to do an internship was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Before doing my internship at Public Legal Information Association of NL (PLIAN), I was scared to graduate because I was unsure of how I could apply what I have learned at Memorial in the last four years to the real world. The internship showed me that I can apply my studies to the job at PLIAN and to any other job for that matter. My time at PLIAN also allowed me to learn more about the legal system here in Newfoundland as well as learn about the routines and operations of a workplace, none of which I could have done through a regular course at the university. It was a rewarding experience and I am thankful that I had the opportunity to partake in it." (Alexandria)

"I found my time in the political science internship program to be highly enriching. While working in the Executive Council of the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador I quickly learned to bridge the world of academic scholarship and practical political experience. I also learned how the idealism of detached political study must always be tempered with the pragmatic concerns of real people and real problems. Nonetheless I did find many uses for what I have learned and I found the whole experience exciting program of the proven market for political science skills in the wider world." (David)