Placement Interests Questionnaire

Instructions: Students interested in enrolling in POSC 4600 are requested to email the course instructor with answers to the following questions as soon as possible, ideally before the start of the registration period. Remember, there is a maximum of 10 spots in the course, and in order to enroll students are required to use a add/drop form which must be signed by the instructor.

1. Name

2. Major(s) and Minor

3. Have you completed at least 4 courses in Political Science with a minimum average of 70% in those courses? The instructor will need to confirm this eligibility by reviewing your transcript. Some flexibility is possible for students with outstanding grades. Prior completion of public policy courses is recommended but is not required.

4. What has been your highest final grade in a Political Science course? What was your lowest grade? What courses were they and in what semester(s)/year(s)?

5. Have you reviewed an example of the POSC 4600 course syllabus?

6. If you are granted permission to enroll in POSC 4600, do you agree to actively monitor your MUN email account, and to respond promptly to communication from the course instructor and/or employer?

7. Please rank the top three organizations in the St. John's area where you would ideally like to be accepted as a Political Science intern. At least one of your options should be a potential new employer that you have brainstormed yourself that does not appear on our list of past employers.

8. When was the last time that you had your resume critiqued? If you haven't done so recently you should initiate this with Career Development and Experiential Learning.

9. After a student is registered in the course, the instructor will attempt to put the student in touch with an employer, but it is up to the student to submit a resume, to pass an interview, and to secure a placement offer. In the past, some candidates have failed to secure a placement because the employer felt they were inadequately prepared for the job interview. Career Development and Experiential Learning offers services and resources in interview readiness and career development. Do you feel that you would benefit from participating in a mock interview or an interview skills session? If so, have you contacted the CDEL to initiate one?

10. Are you aware that when you meet with an employer that you will need to bring a copy of the "Learning, Confidentiality and Professional Conduct" Agreement and the work log form, and that a signed copy of the Agreement will need to be provided to the instructor?

11. Sometimes computer-generated email addresses can look like spam to potential employers. This increases the possibility that they will not open a student's email. Have you created a 'nice' email name for your MUN account so that you can make it more personalized and employers can recognize your emails? (Instructions for how to do this can be found via Computing & Communications)

12. Is there anything else that the course instructor should know about your suitability for POSC 4600? Bear in mind that you will be put in touch with an employer but that it is ultimately students who secure the placement. There is an onus on each student to be polite yet determined in communicating with potential employers – no different than what so often happens with recent university graduates seeking out an unadvertised job. They also need to be well prepared for their interview to ensure that they get the job and observe high standards of professionalism while working. Regular communication with the course instructor is essential to help turn your interest into a job lead and a job offer.

(last updated October 2015)