Scholarship & Award Winners and Nominees 2023/2024

Christopher D. Hickey Scholarship in Political Science -
Meaghan Gaudet

Dr. Clarence W. Powell Memorial Scholarship - Rachel Dion

E.B. Foran Memorial Scholarship - Damien White

Gunther Hartmann Scholarship - Emil Francis

Honourable Gordon A. Winter, O.C. Scholarship - Rand Al-Shujairi

Pro Vice-Chancellor's Prize  - Dillon Eason

Reginald H. Brown Q. C. and Law Foundation of Newfoundland and Labrador - Jayden Byrne

Senator Eugene Forsey Scholarship - Chidenma Okpalaeke

Susan McCorquodale Memorial Scholarship - Emily Weldon

The Chancellor’s Undergraduate Award - Jayden Byrne

The Cox and Palmer Prize in Law and Society - Melissa Noble

The Senator Joan Cook Convocation Award in Canadian Politics - Gala Palavicini 

University Medals for Academic Excellence (Political Science) - Gala Palavicini 

University Medals for Academic Excellence (Law and Society) - Jessica Cross