Graduate Courses

Below is a list of all courses offered by the department, by category. Unless otherwise stated all courses are three credit hour courses.

Regular courses available to M.A. candidates

6000 Political Science Approaches
6010 Empirical Methods in Political Science
602A/B Research Design and Professional Development (Required for all students)

6030 Co-operative Internship (6 credit hours)

6100 Political Philosophy
6200 International Politics
6300 Comparative Politics
6301 European Politics and Public Policy

6350 Political Eonomy
6400 Contentious Politics

6430 Latin American Politics
6500 Political Behaviour
6600 Newfoundland Politics
6700 Canadian Politics
6710 Intergovernmental Relations

6720 Local Politics
6740 Public Administration
6770 Canadian Provincial Politics
6780 Politics of the Atlantic Provinces

6790 Public Policy Process (required for Co-Operative Internship)

6900-04 Special Topics
6905 Special Topic in Public Opinion and Political Behaviour
6006-10 Special Topics

Political Science graduate courses: Fall 2022

For additional course infomation such as slot, room number, and instructorsee our upcoming courses database. 

Political Science Approaches (POSC 6000)

Course description forthcoming.

Empirical Methods in Political Science (POSC 6010)

Course description forthcoming.

Research Design and Professional Development (POSC 602 A/B)

Course description forthcoming.

Co-operative Internship (POSC 6030)

Course description forthcoming.

Contemporary Democratic Theory (POSC 6190)

Course description forthcoming.

International Politics (POSC 6200)

Course description forthcoming.

Democracy & Phantom Public (POSC 6390)

Course description forthcoming.

Local Politics (POSC 6720)

Course description forthcoming.