Graduate Courses

Below is a list of all graduate courses offered by the department, by category. Unless otherwise stated all courses are three credit hour courses. 

For more details about our offerings, including course descriptions and specific credit restrictions and policies, please consult the Graduate University Calendar. The department's actual graduate course offerings rotates, year to year. Be sure to consult our upcoming offerings for the most up-to-date information.

When selecting Political Science courses bear in mind that the second number (e.g., x8xx) designates its subfield area:

  • 1=political theory
  • 2=global politics
  • 3=comparative politics
  • 6=public policy and administration
  • 8=Canadian politics

Regular courses available to MA candidates

6000 Political Science Approaches
6010 Empirical Methods in Political Science
602A/B Research Design and Professional Development (Required for all students)
6030 Co-operative Internship (6 credit hours)
6100 Political Philosophy
6190-99 Special Topics in Political Theory
6230 Theories of International Relations
6240 The Ends of the World: Global Politics of Existential Threats
6245 Political Economy
6255 Controversies in Political Economy
6291-6299 Special Topics in Global Politics
6300 Comparative Politics
6315 Democracy and the Phantom Public
6325 Asian Politics
6330 Comparative Political Representation
6340 Gender and Political Behaviour
6360 Contentious Politics
6370 Democracy and Democratization
6385 Religion and Politics
6390-6399 Special Topics in Comparative Politics
6630 Policy Design and Delivery
6640 Democratic Innovations in Public Policy
6670 Public Policy Process
6691-6699 Special Topics in Public Policy
6800 Canadian Politics
6840 Political Parties in Canada
6860 Elections in Canada
6890 Municipal Government and Politics in Canada
6891-6899 Special Topics in Canadian Politics
6900-6910 Special Topics