Undergraduate Programs in Political Science

Want a deep understanding of local and national politics? Care about Canada’s place in the world and global affairs? Passionate about creating a more peaceful, just, and sustainable future? Our undergraduate BA programs in Political Science will give you with a fundamental knowledge of government, policymaking, political action, and research design, aimed to prepare you to tackle issues at both the local and global levels.

We offer a Major and Minor in Political Science, as well as an Honours option for those wishing to complete a significant research essay in their final year. Students who declare a Major, or who are admitted to our Honours program, may also wish to gain practical experience in a work internship, pursue a Co-Op degree, or spend a semester travelling abroad in Europe. Finally, we also offer the option of having their transcripts list a concentration in Global Studies or Canadian Government to signal specialized coursework.



What is required for a Political Science undergraduate degree?

For the most detailed and up-to-date information about what’s required to complete Political Science degree please consult the University Calendar, which is maintained by the Office of the University Registrar.

Note that all students completing a degree with us, whether a major, minor, or honours, must also meet the core degree requirements for a BA as also outlined in the University Calendar.

Want more information about undergraduate courses?

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences need to select courses to fulfill the Arts component of their degree and those declaring an Honours, Major or Minor in Political Science must also follow the Department of Political Science course requirements.

Completing an introductory course in political science is strongly recommended prior to enrolling in a corresponding course at the next level. Students following this path may opt to take courses in the same area in the same academic year (e.g., if a 2000-level course is completed in Fall then a corresponding 3000-level course may be taken in Winter).

For further information about particular courses, review the information on our undergraduate courses page to see what's currently being offered. A complete list of all department course offerings with brief descriptions can be found in the University Calendar. When selecting Political Science courses bear in mind that the second number (e.g., x8xx) designates its subfield area:

  • 1=political theory
  • 2=global politics
  • 3=comparative politics
  • 6=public policy and administration
  • 8=Canadian politics

While working towards an Honours, Major or Minor in Political Science, you can also opt to select courses that will allow you to also complete an diploma or specialized concentration to further enhance your credentials.

Ready to officially "declare" in Political Science?

Students interested in signing up, or "declaring", for an Honours, Major or Minor in Political Science may do so at any time in their studies. Preferably this will occur by the end of the first year of studies and/or after having completed at least two courses in the subject, including POSC 1000.

Declaring a Major or Minor in Political Science

Information on declaring a major or minor is available from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

Applying to Declare an Honours in Political Science

To declare and be accepted into our selective BA Honours program, two forms must be completed.

First, complete the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' "Application for Admission to Honours Program" form, which can be picked up at, and returned to, the Office of the Registrar (A-2003). The Registrar will then provide your completed Application, along with a copy of your transcript grades, to the Head of the Department.

Second, complete and submit a Deparment of Political Science intake form. Your Application for Admissions Form will only be signed by the Head if your intake information has already been submitted. Together, the Head and the department's Undergraduate Director will then review the request for admission, careful to ensure that you are aware of the course requirements, are prepared to complete an honours essay, and so on. Your completed intake form will be kept on file in the Department.

These two forms can often be completed on the same day and, if the student chooses, the intake form can be completed before the Application form. You may also wish to consider declaring a Minor in a subject area related to Political Science (other than Law and Public Policy, which cannot be combined with a Political Science degree).