Undergraduate Programs

Students studying towards a B.A. with a Major in Political Science or a B.A. Honours may also apply to our Co-op program. When selecting Political Science courses bear in mind that the second number designates its area:

  • 1=political theory
  • 2=international politics
  • 3=comparative politics
  • 6=public policy and administration
  • 8=Canadian politics

Political Science Degree Requirements

The University Calendar, maintained by the Office of the Registrar, outlines the requirements for the programs offered by the Department of Political Science:

All students completing a degree in political science must also meet the core degree requirements outlined in the University Calendar: https://www.mun.ca/regoff/calendar/sectionNo=ARTS-0109

Selecting Your Courses

Undergraduate students in the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences need to select courses to fulfill the Arts component of their degree and those declaring an Honours, Major or Minor in Political Science must also follow the Department of Political Science course requirements. Completing an introductory course is generally recommended prior to enrolling in a corresponding course at the next level. Students following this path may opt to take courses in the same area in the same academic year (e.g., if a 2000-level course is completed in Fall then a corresponding 3000-level course may be taken in Winter). This is presented for illustrative purposes below. For further information about particular courses, review the information on our undergraduate courses page and contact the instructor and/or the Department's undergraduate liaison.

While working towards an Honours, Major or Minor in Political Science, you can opt to select courses that will allow you to also complete an academic certificate.

Declaring in Political Science

Students interested in signing up, or "declaring", for an Honours, Major or Minor in Political Science may do so at any time in their studies. Preferably this will occur by the end of the first year of studies and/or after having completed at least two courses in the subject, including POSC 1000.

Declaring a Major or Minor in Political Science

Information on declaring a major or minor is available from the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences:

Applying to declare an Honours in Political Science

Two forms must be completed. The Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences' "Application for Admission to Honours Programme" form can be picked up at, and returned to, the Office of the Registrar (A-2003). The Registrar will then provide the student's completed Application, along with a copy of the student's transcript grades, to the Head of the Department. A signature from the Head will be required and this will only be provided if the student has completed and returned the Department’s intake form ("grandfathered" students use another version). That form must be discussed with and signed by the department’s undergraduate liaison to ensure that the student is aware of course requirements, Honours Essay considerations, etc. The completed intake form will be kept on file in the Department. These two forms can often be completed on the same day and, if the student chooses, the intake form can be completed before the Application form. You may also wish to consider declaring a Minor in a subject area related to Political Science.