Part-Time Graduate Studies

Students may choose to pursue their graduate studies in Political Science on a part-time basis. The department particularly encourages applications from public affairs and other professionals interested in pursuing such academic research. Both the thesis and course work streams may be completed part-time. Formal program requirements remain the same; however, it is assumed that students will "go at their own pace" and thus take longer to complete the program.Tuition

Tuition & Funding

The University maintains a separate tuition fee structure for part time students known as "Master's Payment Plan B".

Note: part-time students are not eligible for scholarship funding from the School of Graduate Studies.

Program of Study

There is no set program of study for part-time students. The additional time involved in completion means that there can be considerable flexibility in when students take their courses. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the formal course requirements are the same.

For further information, please contact our Graduate Coordinator.