Undergraduate Internship

The undergraduate internship course (Political Science 4600) is designed to give students the opportunity to use what they have learned during the course of their degree. This one-semester commitment provides invaluable work experience and gives students a chance to view options firsthand as they choose a career path. Working in close consultation with the course administrator beginning in the previous semester, students are able to select an employer, and then apply their Political Science research and writing skills to their job placement.

  • Interested in taking POSC 4600? Begin by reviewing the summary description of the course and what other students have said about it. Then, ideally before the start of the registration period, complete a questionnaire and follow the list of student requirements, You will need to look at an example of the 4600 course syllabus and consider the examples of internship placement locations. To enroll in the course you will need the course administrator to sign an add/drop form.
  • Already enrolled in POSC 4600? Continue to follow the schedule of student tasks. You will need to discuss the learning contract with your employer and maintain the work log of activities. To help you with your assignments you should refer to the examples of a briefing note and a cabinet paper. Note that at the end the placement your supervisor will evaluate your work by referring to an workplace evaluation form.
  • Are you an employer looking to hire a student? Have a look at the general instructions for employers, including timing considerations, and get in touch with the course administrator. You may also wish to consult feedback we have received from other employers. At the end of the placement you will be asked to assess the intern's work by completing an evaluation form.