Course Listings

A selection of the following courses is offered each semester to meet the requirements of graduate students.

Courses in Mathematics

MATH 6100Dynamical Systems
MATH 6101Modern Perturbation Theory
MATH 6102Mathematical Biology
MATH 6104Infinite Dimensional Dynamical Systems
MATH 6110Advanced General Relativity
MATH 6111Calculus on Manifolds
MATH 6119Advanced Computational Methods for Nonlinear Dynamics (ST)
MATH 6120Theoretical Fluid Dynamics
MATH 6121Functional Differential Equations
MATH 6130Introduction to General Relativity
MATH 6160Partial Differential Equations
MATH 6201Numerical Methods for Time Dependent Differential Equations
MATH 6202Nonlinear and Linear Optimization
MATH 6204Iterative Methods in Numerical Linear Algebra
MATH 6210Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
MATH 6212Numerical Methods for Initial Value Problems
MATH 6230Differentiable Manifolds and Riemannian Geometry
MATH 6261Geometric Numerical Integration (ST)
MATH 6299Master's Project
MATH 6300Homology Theory
MATH 6301Homotopy Theory
MATH 6302Theory of Fibre Bundles
MATH 6310Functional Analysis
MATH 6311Complex Analysis
MATH 6312Measure Theory
MATH 6313Functional Analysis II
MATH 6314Asymptotic Analysis (ST)
MATH 6318The Function Spaces of Elliptic Partial Differential Equations (ST)
MATH 6319Harmonic Analysis on Euclidian Spaces (ST)
MATH 6320Group Theory
MATH 6321Ring Theory
MATH 6322Nonassociative Algebra
MATH 6323Homological Algebra
MATH 6324Lie Algebras (ST)
MATH 6329Hopf Algebras (ST)
MATH 6330Analytic Number Theory
MATH 6331Algebraic Number Theory
MATH 6332Point Set Topology
MATH 6340Graph Theory
MATH 6341Combinatorial Design Theory
MATH 6342Advanced Enumeration
MATH 6345The Probabilistic Method (ST)
MATH 6347Topics in Cyclic Combinatorial Designs (ST)
MATH 6348Graph Colouring
MATH 6351Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 696A/B 
Graduate Seminar in Mathematics

Courses in Statistics

STAT 6500Probability
STAT 6503Stochastic Processes
STAT 6505Survival Analysis
STAT 6509Statistical Inference
STAT 6510Mathematical Statistics
STAT 6519Regression Models
STAT 6520Linear Models
STAT 6530Longitudinal Data Analysis
STAT 6540Time Series Analysis
STAT 6545Computational Statistics
STAT 6550Nonparametric Statistics
STAT 6559Statistical Exploration of Data
STAT 6560Continuous Multivariate Analysis
STAT 6561Categorical Data Analysis
STAT 6563Sampling Theory
STAT 6564Experimental Designs
STAT 6571Financial and Environmental Time Series
STAT 6573Statistical Genetics
STAT 6586Applied Event History Analysis (ST)
STAT 6590Statistical Consultancy
STAT 697A/B 
Graduate Seminar in Statistics
STAT 698A/B 
Applied Statistics Project


Mathematics and Statistics

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