Math 696A/B Graduate seminar in mathematics


This seminar series will promote the development of professional skills amongst the graduate students of mathematics at the beginning of their programme. On the first sessions, faculty members will speak about topics such as research ethics, academic integrity, etc... After, faculty members and senior graduate student will make research presentations on a weekly bases. Although senior graduate students are welcome and expected to attend to these presentations, only registered students will have their attendance recorded. The series will be run in the Fall (Math-696A) and Winter (Math-696B) terms and enrolled students should register both for terms. All the first year, full time, graduate students of mathematics in a thesis based programme (including Ph.D. students who obtained their Masters degree elsewhere) are required to enroll in the series.

Graduate seminar thesis

All students of mathematics enrolled in a thesis based graduate programme are required to give a graduate seminar before submision of their thesis. It is the responsability of each graduate student to contact the seminar coordinator to schedule his/her presentation.