Academic year start

Sep 1st, 2023


For the Fall 2023 semester, CITL is prepared with services, resources and expertise to support instructors with teaching and students with learning. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) 

Many academic units and instructors are planning to address AI, including tools such as ChatGPT, in their instructional practices this fall. We have a number of resources and AI related professional learning opportunities available throughout the semester. 

AI Resources 

AI Events 

Featured Resources 

Our Featured Resources page provides instructors with relevant and timely self-paced resources on current instructional and technical topics. The page has recently been updated to include more selective content focused on current topics and new resources that have been added. 

For the full selection of CITL’s instructional and technology resources, visit our Instructional Resources site when planning, creating, teaching and assessing learning and our Technology Resources site when integrating learning technologies into teaching practice. 

Professional Learning 

We have a full lineup of sessions on a variety of teaching and learning topics for our Instructors Series and our Learning Technology Series this semester, as well as recordings of past sessions that are always available on our CITL YouTube channel. 

Stay tuned later this fall for more information on our 2024 Teaching and Learning Conference. 

Student Support 

Featured resources for students are also available to help instructors support their students. Specific topics include: 

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) 
  • Learning strategies 
  • Online learning information 
  • Managing time 
  • Tests and exams 
  • Staying connected 

Students looking for support in their learning are also encouraged to visit the Academic Success Centre. For those who want help with writing, our Writing Centre is open to undergraduate and graduate students in any subject, discipline, program, or faculty. 

Specific CITL services can be found in our Service Guide for Instructors, or instructors may want to request a consultation. 

For any questions related to teaching and learning, instructors, students and staff are encouraged to reach out to CITL at any time through our Support Centre.

We look forward to working together to make this academic year a successful one!