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What is it?


Skim is a free PDF reader and note-taker for OS X.

What is its purpose?

Skim can be used to read PDF files on Apple's Mac operating systems and allows users to annotate text and add notes while reading.

Some of the features include highlighting and/or underlining text and adding typed notes that are all easily accessed in a sidebar. 

How do I use it?

Users can download the software from the Skim website.

As Skim is not a recognized software on the Apple Store, once you click download, you will get a DMG file. Users can then install Skim by double-clicking on the file. 

NOTE: After installation, the software may not open and generate a message that it is not a recognized Apple software. Users can bypass that by right-clicking and selecting "Open", instead of double-clicking the software file. 

Once the software is installed, users can open their PDF files and start annotations. 

Why would I use it?

Skim allows users to easily annotate scanned files by placing a box or circle around the text.

Skim has a minimalistic design that allows users to classify the notes into different categories that are visible on the side panel for easy navigation.

Skim also comes equipped with a text-to-speech option.


Usage considerations

Skim is an open-source software that is limited to Apple Mac IOS users with no enterprise support or garantees. Skim is a free software that is only available from their website, not the Apple App store. The user is responsible for the security risks and bugs. Skim is under active development by a small group of volunteer contributors.

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Support Information

Skim has a Wiki page that contains a Frequently Asked Questions section and a Tips and Tricks section.

Help Topics may be referred to as a user guide for the tool.

Users can also Request Features to be modified/added to the technology.