Past Sessions

The Student Design Hub hosts multiple events each semester that are designed to empower students to approach problem solving in new and exciting ways.

All of our upcoming Lunch and Learn sessions, workshops, and other info sessions will be advertised through Slack and hosted through Webex. After each session a recording will be posted to the MUN Faculty of Engineering Youtube channel (links below). 

For a full record of SDH events, check out the SDH News Archive!

Design Leaders in Tech.

Come join local leaders from the Newfoundland and Labrador tech start-up community as they discuss their unique approach to product development and design.

Howard Ridout, 
VP of Enginering at Mysa Smart Thermostats
Session Link

Mariana Golden
Mechanical Designer at DuXion Motors
Session Link

Greg Walsh
Mechanical Team Lead at Kraken Robotics
Session Link

Bethany Randell
Electrical Engineer at Kraken Robotics
Session Link


Brett Vokey
Founder & CEO of BreatheSuite
Session Link 

RandyRandy Billard

Founder & CEO of VirtualMarine
Session Link


Design in Review.

In this series we encourage students to challenge their concept of “design” and how it can be approached. Speakers from a variety of fields and backgrounds will discuss how they approach “design” and how it’s approached in their respective fields.

levinLevin Mejia
Head of Design at CoLab Software
Topic: Introduction to the Design Sprint
Session Link

Dr. Monica Kidd, M.D.
Doctor, Author, Director, Biologist, Publisher
Topic: Making a Thing from Words: A Book, A Film, and Letterpress Ephemera
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