Competition Season is Approaching Fast!

With competition season fast approaching our student design teams are working diligently to finish their projects. Pictured you can see two members of the Baja team welding the frame for their vehicle for endurance racing this June. Keep up the great work!

Are you interested in getting involved? Reach out to the SDH to see if there's a project that's right for you!

IEEE Canada ICF Special Awards

Congratulations to Phoenix Aerospace and MUN Robosub for receiving ICF Special Grant Awards from the IEEE Canada Foundation.

These Special Grants are intended to partially fund one-time new and innovative projects that advance IEEE's core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence to benefit humanity.

If you’re a member of a student group then your project may also be eligible or this award. To learn more about the IEEE Canada Foundation and the ICF award, click the following link:

Keep up the great work!


MUN RoboSub Hard at Work!

With the SDH open for student use, teams like MUN RoboSub are hard at work! RoboSub started working on their project last May with hopes of travelling to the RoboNation competition hosted this year in California. 

RoboSub is designing a small scale Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (or AUV) capable of completing complex missions autonomously. Would you like to learn more? Get involved by visiting:


HackFrost NL Hackathon 2022 a Success

Congratulations to Hack Frost NL for hosting a sucessful Hackathon this past weekend! The SDH was excited to contribute the event by offering access to workstations and 3D printers to facilitate the event. 

A job well done to everyone who participated! 

Making a Thing from Words: A Book, A Film, and Letterpress Ephemera

The Memorial University Student Design Hub Presents: Design in Review. In this series we encourage students to challenge their concept of “design” and how it can be approached. Speakers from a variety of fields and backgrounds will discuss how they approach “design” and how it’s approached in their respective fields.

Wednesday, February 16th, 1-2pm

Making a Thing from Words: A Book, A Film, and Letterpress Ephemera, featuring Dr. Monica Kidd, M.D. (mixed event)

Join Dr. Monica Kidd, a designer who wears many hats, as she discusses her colorful career. Monica has worked in a variety of industries & roles including: author, biologist, journalist, and director. She is currently a fellow with the Global Journalism Fellowship at the University of Toronto and is the founder of Whisky Jack Letterpress. In this talk Monica will explore the act of turning Words into Art through several mediums, and the philosophy she employs in her designs. Mixed Event: Virtual & Live at Memorial University, EN2006, S.J. Carew Building

Register here:

Introduction to The Design Sprint featuring Levin Mejia, Head of Design at CoLab Software

The Memorial University Student Design Hub Presents: Design in Review. In this series we encourage students to challenge their concept of design and how it can be approached.

Join Levin Mejia, Head of Design at Co-Lab Software as he discusses the Design Sprint method. A design sprint is a time-constrained, five-phase process that uses design thinking with the aim of reducing the risk when bringing a new product, service or a feature to the market.


The Memorial Student Design Hub is LIVE! We completed all of our renovations this week, and the space is now available for student use.

All students who want to access the SDH can do so during regular business hours 9am - 4pm. Students who are members of the MCE, a Student Competition Team, or a Student Group can access the space after hours and on weekends. All students are required to complete a safety training module on D2L before accessing the space.

The space is available on a first come - first serve basis. Bookings can be made online using an online scheduler. For more information on lab access and user policy, please visit:


Apply Now to Change the World!

Attention!! Do you want to change the world?

Memorial University is partnering with How to Change the World, a global social enterprise, to provide an exceptional – and highly international – fully-virtual experiential educational program. Applications are now open!!

Join this fully-virtual program to learn about design thinking and sustainable innovation while using the UN's Sustainable Development Goals as a framework. You will work alongside a multi-disciplinary team of students and early career professionals, to develop unique solutions for sustainability issues. You will be supported by a world-class global teaching team with guidance from a diverse range of sustainability and innovation experts and local stakeholders from around the world.

The How to Change the World February 2022 program is an experiential educational program running from 21-25 February. Visit this link to learn more about the programs and apply:

If you have any questions, reach out to the How to Change the World team at 

Memorial Participates in AEC

On January 15th and 16th two teams represented Memorial at the Atlantic Engineering Competition (AEC). Originally the competition was to be hosted in Moncton, however due to concerns with COVID-19 the competition was moved online.

Our two teams participated virtually and gave a great effort at AEC. A big congratulations to all eight of Memorial's student participants!

Recruitment Blitz Winter 2022!

Hello Everyone!

We hope you had a great and refreshing break! We’re back for the winter semester and just because we’re remote doesn’t mean you can’t get involved. Student Design Hub will be hosting a virtual student team recruitment blitz in January! Every day from 5-6pm come chat with a different team about their projects, and how you can get involved.

Student teams are a great way to learn hands on skills, apply your knowledge, and build your resume. A wide variety of skillsets are needed on every team so come get involved, everyone from any faculty is welcome!

Check out our calendar for more information!

As the semester goes on, more events will be added, stay tuned on ways to get involved! To learn more about Memorial’s Student groups and teams, please check out the Student Design Hub “Get Involved” page:



SDH Build a Bracket Competition Results

The Student Design Hub Build a Bracket Competition came to a close on November 29th with bracket testing conducted in EN1037. Thirteen teams initially entered the competition, with four teams meeting the competition deadline.

The winner of this semester's SDH competition is team Bracketology with their innovative four point mounting design. Sole team member Riley Keats is the winner of the grand prize, an Ender 3 3D Printer!

The Student Design Hub would like to thank all students who took the time to participate in the competition and urges all students to get involved in future opportunities.

Success at the FMUNTenth Recruitment Session

This semester the SDH has been hosting recruitment sessions for students to help them get involved.

On November 18th, FMUNTenth (one of Memorial's newest teams) took the stage in EN4000 to discuss their project and the goals for the F1Tenth competition. This competition is hosted at various robotics conferences throughout the world, such as IROS or IFAC. Teams compete to see who can build the optimial 1/10th scale race car while also implimenting cutting edge driving algorithms.

Our last recuritment session for the semester will be held for Chem-E-Car next week on Thursday, November 25th. Come get involved! 

Bracket Design Competition Underway!

The first Student Design Hub competition is underway! Students met with the Engineer in Residence on October 26th to learn about Finite Element Analysis and the set-up of their models.

Submissions are due on November 15th, with bracket strength testing occuring the week of November 23rd!


Design Leaders in Tech. featuring Randy Billard, Co-Founder and CEO of Virtual Marine

In this guest lecture series, leaders for Newfoundland’s local tech industry give a talk about their business and how design fits into their products. For the final presentation of 2021, SDH is excited to host Randy Billard, CEO and Co-Founder of Virtual Marine! 


Design Leaders in Tech. featuring Brett Vokey, Founder & CEO of BreatheSuite

In this presentation Brett will discuss how his team uses iterative design to tackle real world problems in medicine, and will reflect on his unique experience as an entrepreneur in Newfoundland’s emerging technology sector. Brett will also discuss his experience as a member of a student design team and how it impacted his decision to pursue entrepreneurship.

Design Leaders in Tech. featuring Bethany Randell, Electrical Engineer at Kraken Robotics

In this presentation, Bethany will discuss how her team approaches some of the key challenges experienced by an engineer at the leading edge of technology. Bethany will also discuss her experience as a leader on a Memorial student robotics team, and how that experience has helped her to excel in industry.


Tetra Society Creates Modified Bicycle

Tetra Society is an organization that builds innovative solutions for people with physical disabilities, providing greater independence, quality of life, and inclusion.

Joshua and Omer, work term students at Tetra Society NL Chapter, modified a 20"-children-bicycle for a young girl with Cerebral Palsy who has difficulties balancing herself on an ordinary bicycle.


Design Leaders in Tech. featuring Greg Walsh, Mechanical Team Lead at Kraken Robotics

In this presentation, Greg will discuss how various teams approach product design, and how client input has helped refine products. He will also discuss some of the key challenges that a designer may face in the early phases of product development.

Design Leaders in Tech. featuring Mariana Golden, Mechanical Designer at DuXion Motors

In this presentation, Mariana will discuss her experience as a member of Paradigm Hyperloop, an international collaboration consisting of members from Northeastern University (Boston, MA) and Memorial University competing in the SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. Mariana will also discuss how her experience on the team helps her to excel in the workplace.


Design Leaders in Tech. featuring Howard Rideout, VP of Engineering at Mysa Smart Thermostats

In this presentation, Howard will discuss how Mysa approaches designing products, and how their designs have evolved over time to meet user needs. He will also discuss some of the challenges the Mysa team faced during the early phases of product development.