Science Career Networking - 2019


  • Ready, Set Connect! Science Career Networking Event - March 2019

Ready, Set, Connect! Science Career Networking Event

Industry Professionals:

Daria Gallardi
Aquatic Science Biologist, Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Recruit for: Biology, Environmental Science, Aquaculture, Oceanography

Pamela House & Tina Liao
Banking Advisor, Royal Bank of Canada 
Mutual Fund Representative, Royal Mutual Funds Inc.

Recruit for: Client Advisor, Banking Advisor, no specific background required.
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Michael Kielly
HR Advisor, Memorial University of Newfoundland
Recruit for: Science Technicians, Instructional Assistants, Lab Instructors, Lab Supervisors, Research Assistants, Undergraduate Officers, etc.

Laura Siegwart Collier
Resource Management Officer, Terra Nova National Park, Parks Canada Agency
Recruit for: Resource Management Technicians and Resource Conservation Students

Janet Feltham
Ecologist Team Leader, Terra Nova National Parks, Parks Canada Agency
Recruiting for: Resource Management Officers, Technicians and Students, Geomatics Technicians

Maddie Coombes & Dan Brake
Operations, HR Manager, VP, Engineering & Information Security, Sequence Bio
Recruit For: Bioinformatician, Statistician, Application Developers, Data Scientists, Information Security, Computational Biologists, Research/Clinical Assistants & Coordinators.

Andrew Peach
Geotechnical Services Leader, Golder Associates
Recruit for: Biology, Environmental Science and Earth Sciences (Geology & Geophysics). Also recruit for Engineering disciplines, e.g., Geotechnical/Geological Engineering and Environmental Engineering.

Megan Wells
Staff Accountant, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young

Sarah Garland
Senior Accountant, Assurance Services, Ernst & Young

Recruit for: Accounting, Information Technology, Statistics, Engineering & Applied Sciences

Jocelyn Tucker
(B.Sc. (Hons.) in Earth Sciences (Geology) & M.Sc. in Environmental Science
Environmental Scientist, Pollution Prevention Division of the Department of Municipal Affairs and Environment (Provincial Government)
Recruit for: Environmental Scientists, Environmental Engineers, Geologists, Geophysicists, Biologists, and Chemists. As well as Policy Position relevant to all backgrounds.