Prospective Students


I look for highly motivated graduate students with a passion for research in the field of invertebrate ecophysiology working on topics that closely match those investigated by my laboratory. When I was an undergraduate deciding on my Honour’s project I was told to choose a subject that interested me. That is also my advice to prospective students – you have to be interested and excited about the type of research carried out in my lab and thus for your graduate degree. In my experience, successful graduate students tend to be naturally curious, with a desire to conduct research, publish findings, and obtain a position in a science-related profession. I usually have openings for 1 or 2 students.

Interested students should send by email: (1) a cover letter outlining their interests and dedication to scientific inquiry and professional development; (2) a CV identifying their academic and technical training/research experience; and (3) transcript(s) (unofficial is fine).