Post Doctoral Fellows


Post Doctoral Fellows 
Dr. Heather Penney, Post Doctoral Fellowship

Dr. Heather Penny


Mohamed Emam, Post Doctoral Fellowship

Dr. Mohamed Emam

Dr. Albert Caballero Solares, Post Doctoral Fellowship

Dr. Albert Caballero Solares

  • Supervisor:  Dr. Matt Rise
  • Project Title: Functional genomics research on the effect of diet on salmon growth and immune responses
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Dr. Khalil Eslamloo, Post Doctoral Fellowship

Dr. Khalil Eslamloo

  • Supervisor: Dr. Matt Rise
  • Project Title: Transcriptome profiling of Atlantic salmon response to bacterial pathogens 
  • Email:

Dr. Anaide Aued

  • Supervisor: Dr. Pat Gagnon
  • Project Title: Mapping the distribution and abundance of kelp, rhodoliths, and co-occurring benthic assemblages in coastal Newfoundland and Labrador
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Dr. Cristopher Segovia

  • Supervisor: Dr. Javier Santander
  • Project Title: Genome assembly and annotation of Cyclopterups lumpus and Tautogolabrus adspersus, dual-RNA seq transcriptome analysis of Atlantic cod and Atlantic salmon primary macrophages infected with Aeromonas salmonicida, and transcriptome analysis of Cyclopterups lumpus in response to vaccination and challenge.
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Xi Xue, Ph.D. Candidate

Xi Xue
Post Doctoral Fellowship


Dr. Julie Nati

  • Supervisor: Dr. Kurt Gamperl
  • Project Title: Mitigating The Impact of Climate-Related Challenges on Salmon Aquaculture (MICCSA). More precisely in the underlying mitochondrial functions linked to thermal physiology.
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Dr. Carolina Cisternas-Novoa

  • Supervisor: Dr. Uta Passow
  • Project: Investigating the role of biogenic compounds in the formation and fate of marine aggregates (marine snow),particularly the impact of climate stressors like ocean warming, acidification, and deoxygenation on the strength and efficiency of the Biological Carbon Pump (BCP). Research focal points is to study the impact of multiple stressors on phytoplankton exudation, aggregate formation, and the functioning of the BCP.
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Synnøve Lofthus

  • Supervisor: Dr. Uta Passow
  • Project: Biodegradation of oil by natural bacterial communities in the marine environment 
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