Post Doctoral Fellows


Post Doctoral Fellows 
Dr. Carolina Cisternas-Novoa

  • Supervisor: Dr. Uta Passow
  • Project: Investigating the role of biogenic compounds in the formation and fate of marine aggregates (marine snow),particularly the impact of climate stressors like ocean warming, acidification, and deoxygenation on the strength and efficiency of the Biological Carbon Pump (BCP). Research focal points is to study the impact of multiple stressors on phytoplankton exudation, aggregate formation, and the functioning of the BCP.
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Ina Benner

Post Doc working in a lab 

Vimbai Machimbirike

  • Supervisor: Dr. Javier Santander
  • Project: Development and production of functional foods and bioactives to improve human health and coastal community sustainability.
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Kevin Ma

  • Supervisor: Dr. Annie Mercier
  • Project: Optimizing sea cucumber harvesting and processing in Atlantic Canada and evaluating the feasibility of a sea cucumber fishery in Nunavut
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Isis Rojas

  • Supervosor: Kurt Gamperl
  • Project: Addressing Mortalities at Atlantic Canada Salmon Cage-Sites Due to Skin Ulcers and ‘Winter Syndrome'
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Jaime Soto Neira