Current Students


MSc Student


Sarah Nancollas (M.Sc.)

Sarah Nancollas graduated from the University of Plymouth. Following her degree she was lucky enough to obtain a position as a research assistant in Plymouth.

She decided to further her academic career and started an MSc in 2015. Sarah is investigating physiological responses of crabs to emersion at different temperatures

Gemma Rayner (M.Sc.)


Gemma Rayner graduated from Bangor University (UK) with a degree in Applied Marine Biology. Gemma is currently investigating the interactions between invasive green crabs and adult American lobsters, investigating how crab density and water temperature affect food intake.

Logan Zeinert M.Sc.

Logan Zeinert, MSc Aquaculture graduated from Wakaiko University in New Zealand. For his MSc research he will be investigating if the West Indian Spider crab Mithrax spinosissimus can support a sustainable fishery. In addition he will investigate whether this species can be used in multitrophic Integrated Aquaculture as a means to control biofouling.

Evgeni Matveev, M.Sc. 

Evgeni Matveev, MSc Marine Biology, graduated  from the University of Alberta. He is investigating if crustaceans change behavioural and physiological responses during long-term storage in captive conditions.
In addition, he will look at physiotypes/personality traits in decapod crustaceans.

PhD students

Jiang Qiwu (Ph.D.)Aquaculture

Qiwu Jiang gained his BSc and MSc degree in China. He started his PhD program at MUN in 2014. He is investigating the effects of feeding status on the physiological and behavioural responses of rock crabs to hypoxia.