Photo Gallery - Research

Jennifer Bernatis uses a hydrophone to track Dungeness crab movements

Jennifer monitored the behaviour of crabs in a hypoxia gradient

Collecting crabs at Bamfield



Dungeness crabs being acclimated to lab conditions


Dan Curtis releases a crab fitted with an archival data tag


Erin Jensen studied crab behaviour forher undergrad project

Set-up used to monitor specific dynamic action of sunflower stars

Travis Nielsen used a Loligo shuttlebox system to record trade-off behaviour in juvenile lobsters

Chantelle setting crab traps at North Harbour

Chantelle Penney is studying metabolic Responses of green crabs to low salinity

Lex Wang measures lobsters and takes blood samples

The lobsters are secured inside cages

Out on commercial crab boat, looking at sustainable fishery for stone crabs


Tagging stone crabs, note head cover to protect from sun

Deep sea isopods, hauled up from 1700m!

Qiwu “John” Jiang catches rock crabs for his research

Measuring O2 uptake in land crabs

Teaching school group about crabs

CEI student graduation day with Dr. Travis Van Leeuwen

Shuttlebox apparatus used to monitor behaviour of crabs

Divers inspecting aquaculture cage - Bahamas