Graduate Students

Graduate Students in the field

Discover our PhD and M.Sc. programs in Marine Biology at Memorial University 

The Department of Ocean Sciences, located within metres of the North Atlantic, specializes in the study of biological and biochemical patterns and processes in cold-ocean environments and adaptations in resident organisms.

Our department interfaces biological oceanography and biogeochemistry with marine ecology, physiology, behaviour and aquaculture of cold-ocean organisms. From the community to the organismal level, our graduate students study ecological, physiological and behavioural responses to highly variable or extreme physical, biological and chemical environments. Students gain greater specialization in their field of interest while performing cutting-edge thesis research. Our programs offer the unique opportunity to collaborate and work with a large, diverse group of dedicated marine scientists at Memorial University and affiliated institutions.

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Graduate students working in the lab

For further information regarding the Department of Ocean Sciences:

Ocean Sciences
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador,
Canada A1C 5S7
Tel.: (709) 864-2767