Research Exchange Groups

Photo of hands, laid over each other. It looks like a group meeting and everyone has put their hand in to signal cooperation on a project.

The Newfoundland and Labrador Centre for Applied Health Research has established the Research Exchange Group (REG) program to engage with our community and build research capacity in the province. The program brings together university researchers, health professionals, decision-makers, community groups, and members of the public who share a common interest under the domain of applied health research. 

Interested in learning more about the impact that our Research Exchange Groups have had on the community? You can find out more about our success stories here:

Join Us

NLCAHR welcomes anyone with an interest in applied health research to join one of our active Research Exchange Groups listed in the left margin. See our calendar of meetings for information about upcoming webinars or email us for more details.

Please note that we are actively recruiting for two new groups:  Midwifery and Maternal Health and  Health and the Built Envrionment. If these topics interest you, please contact us to join. 


In 2021, NLCAHR will host virtual meetings only, in compliance with social distancing recommendations to reduce the spread of  COVID-19. Our Research Exchange Groups continue to meet regularly online to discuss research in progress, present on research projects or healthcare services, initiate collaborative partnerships, and discover potential funding and partnership opportunities for further research.

National DATA TOOLS for Health Research

Following from an Open Research Exchange Groups presentation by the Public Health Agency of Canada, following are some useful links for researchers:

Research Exchange Groups Presentation to Peoples' Health Matters