Undergraduate Forms


  1. Deferred Exam Application (Math & Stats)
  2. Supplementary Exam Application (Math & Stats)
  3. Marking Position Application (Math & Stats)

Many common forms are housed on the Registrar's Office forms page:

Deferred Final Exams


Deferred Exam Application Math & Stats - save a local copy before filling in the form!

Student Health Certificate - required if your deferral is based on medical reasons.

Deadline: 48 hrs after the scheduled exam time for illness, or within two weeks of the release of the exam schedule for scheduling conflicts.   For further details on this policy, see the University Regulations on deferred exams.

Submit To: tstuckless@mun.ca

For illness or medical conditions, medical documentation from a health professional is required. Students must provide the health professional with a copy of the Student Health Certificate.   The Department may not accept other types of medical notes.

For bereavement or other acceptable cause, official documents or letters that support the reason for the request (e.g. death certificate, letter from employer, etc.) are required.

Students with travel booked prior to the change in the Winter 2020 final exam schedule may apply for a deferral of exams scheduled on April 19, 20, or 21.  Proof of time of booking must be submitted with your application.

Your application form and supporting documentation must be emailed from your @mun.ca account to tstuckless@mun.ca with a subject that includes the phrase "deferred exam application".


Supplementary Final Exams

Form:Application for Supplementary Exam (MATH & STAT)
(Save a local copy before filling in any form fields.)

NOTE: Supplementary exams in the Math & Stats Department are offered only for 1- and 2-thousand level courses.  Students must also satisfy the conditions listed on the form: 1) clear academic standing, 2) passing term grade, and 3) final grade between 45-49 inclusive. There is a $50 required fee for supplementary examination, as prescribed here.  The general regulations governing supplementary examinations are published in the Faculty of Science section of the calendar.

Deadline: Complete application due within one CALENDAR week of the release of final grades. Confirmation of payment of the fee must be emailed to tstuckless@mun.ca by end of day, the business day before the examination is scheduled to take place.

Submission Procedure:

  1. Complete the application for supplementary exam and email it to tstuckless@mun.ca from your @mun.ca account. 
  2. Wait 3-5 business days to receive an email which states your eligibility for supplementary examination.  This is your supplementary exam approval email.
  3. Print a copy of the approval email, and bring it to the Cashier's Office and pay the required $50 fee.  Ask the Cashier's Office to stamp your approval email as "PAID".
  4. Email a photo of your stamped approval email to tstuckless@mun.ca.

Marking Position

Form:Application for Marking Position 

Deadline: Due on day 1 of the semester in which you want to mark.  A hardcopy of the application should be submitted to the General Office by end of day on the second day of the semester.



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