Supervision & Service


I am always happy to work with undergraduate students on their honours essays and with graduate students on their M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. I have served as a Ph.D. thesis external examiner at the University of Toronto.

At Memorial I have been on several Ph.D. comprehensive examination committees in English and History; been a Ph.D. interim supervisor, a Ph.D. committee member, an M.A. essay supervisor, an M.A. interim supervisor, an M.A. committee member, an M.Litt. written comprehensives committee member, a B.A. honours essay supervisor, and second reader on several theses.


In 2015 I served as aide to Bob Joy during his visit to MUN to receive his honorary doctorate at fall convocation.


CHAIR — Pratt (visiting speakers) (1994-95; 2001-02; 2014-15); Classics Promotion & Tenure (2008); Dept. Undergraduate Studies (2008-09); Dept. Search (2007-08, 2013); Dept. Graduate Studies (2006-07); Promotion & Tenure (1999-2000; 2001-02; 2004-05; member, 1998-99); Search for Associate Dean of Arts (Research) (2001-02).

MEMBER — Associate Dean (Research & Graduate) Review Advisory Committee (2014); Pratt/Research (2013-14; 2007-08; 2013-17); Classics Promotion & Tenure (2006); Dept. Search (2006-07; 2005-06; pro. tem. 2002); VP Research Grants (2004-06); Dept. Undergraduate (2004-05); Graduate (1996-99; 2002-03; 2006-07; 2009-10); English 2000/2001 Review (1998); 1997 Cabot Symposium, Arts Faculty planning committee, UWE Bristol & Memorial U. (1994-97); Graduate Studies Internal SSHRC grant application review (1996); VP Research (1994-95); Colloquium 1987-89, 1993-84; Chair of Dept. Computer Comm., 1991-92; English 2000 Co-ordinator, Winter 1990; Library 1989-90; Ad Hoc Dept. Comm. on Practices and Procedures 1987-88; Faculty Comm. on Research and Ethics 1986-87; Dept. Comm. on Committees, 1985-87; Dept. First-year Examination Comm., 1986; Senate Ad Hoc Comm. on Future Class-Room Space, 1985-86.


Literary London Programme, Harlow UK, with Mary Walsh (Spring 2008; Fall 2011; Fall 2014)

Graduate Co-ordinator (2009-10)

Co-ordinator, Diploma in Professional Writing programme (2008-09).


3 new courses for Literary London, Harlow programme: English 3713: British Drama in Performance; 3714: Harlow Creative Writing: Satire; 3715: London ‘Foundling’ Literature (Spring 2008; Fall 2011; Fall 2014).

New course: English 3210 18th-Century Novel (2008)

4 new courses for Diploma in Professional Writing programme:

  • 3911 Writing Satire,

  • 3912 Songwriting (offered 4 times, W2012-W2016),

  • 3913 Write to Speak,

  • 3914 PW Online.

Compiled two 100-page Harlow editions for 3715. Munificence (1st-year anthology published in-house, 2001; rev. 2002). Course Web Sites for English 3001: and English 4040:; new course in Scottish Literature (offered 6 times 1987-2009); Mac Computer-Assisted Learning 1st-year English course (3 times 1991-93).


I have written hundreds of reference letters over the past three or four decades for students hoping to continue in their education or to find jobs, and for professors seeking funding or promotion. While applicants are their own best advocates, my letters have helped many into grad school, academic employment, and even full professorships.


I initiated the visits of Ruth Perry from MIT for the Henrietta Harvey Lecture (Fall 2008) and British lawyer and author John Mortimer (Rumpole of the Bailey) for the Pratt Lecture (1997).