Around Town

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What’s On the Go?

St. John’s Annual Events Listing - A list of events taking place in St. John's.

The Overcast – St. John’s Cultural Magazine

Food & Drink

Fixed Coffee and Baking – Locally owned and operated, Fixed is the best place in town to meet friends for a cup of coffee and forget about that assignment you haven’t started yet. Take a moment to look into Broken Books while in the neighbourhood.

Rocket Bakery – Another provider of high quality coffee, Rocket will fix you up fresh baked good and a hearty meal.

Yellowbelly Brewery – With a beer menu that’s brewed in-house and a happy hour that kicks off at 4PM, Yellowbelly is a mandatory stop if you’re out for the night or just looking for a casual beer with some friends.

Nautical Nellies – Home to great live acts, affordable pints, and good pub food.

You Gotta See This

Signal Hill - A castle with a view of the whole city AND the ocean. Pretty much the lover's lane of St. John's.

Quidi Vidi Village - Built around what locals lovingly refer to as "the gut," Quidi Vidi Village is located just outside of town but has all the charm and beauty of a small out-port fishing village. Be sure to check out Mallard Cottage and The Plantation.

Cape Spear - The most easterly point in North America, Cape Spear is the place to go to get a deep breath of salty sea air.

East Coast Trail - With entry points located all over the island, the East Coast Trail can serve as a quick jaunt along the ocean or a week-long hike through the forest.