Two recent articles of mine appear in these books below. One is on the history of horse-racing in which I pre-date the Jockey Club by 40 years and find a new source for William Hogarth’s Rake’s Progress. The other article is about how to make babies in the 18th century (male enhancements are nothing new)…

British Sporting Literature and Culture in the Long Eighteenth Century

 The Secrets of Generation

Over the next few years, I plan to finish books on:

The Foundling Hospital for Wit

The Knaptons of Ludgate Street

The Original Murphy’s Law

Pope & Popularity, & others.

I also plan to do a photgraphic essay on Robert Louis Stevenson: from Edinburgh to Samoa.

Having gathered images of thousands of 17th- and 18th-century printers' ornaments, I may mount them on a website.

While at the National Libary of Australia I photographed the correspondence of David Nichol Smith, Merton Professor of English Literature at Oxford from 1929 to 1946, and intend to build on the two articles I've already written on him.