Why English?

What does studying English at university look like?

In the Department of English you will encounter ideas, both new and old, and texts, both experimental and traditional. You will read some of the best works in literature and culture, and you will engage in provocative conversations about meaning, literary history, the future, your identity, and your place in the world. All of our programs are designed to help you think critically, read closely, and write effectively.

What do English students do?

Associate professor Jennifer Lokash and student Esther discuss what makes studying English so great.

Sample Courses:
  • ENGL 2160 North American Aboriginal Literature; introduces Aboriginal literature in a social, political and historical context. Beginning with the oral tradition (songs, narratives, legends, and orations), it will focus on different works by North American Aboriginal writers: poetry, drama, short stories and novels.
  • ENGL 2850 What is Film; introduces students to the medium of film. It is aimed at marking a shift from the natural enjoyment of movies to a critical understanding and to modes of film practice. Focus will be on the elements of film as components of cinematic style and meaning and on various approaches to the study of film.
  • ENGL 2811 Science Fiction and Fantasy; introduces the literary sub-genres of science fiction and fantasy. It examines the traditional canonical backgrounds from which popular literatures derive, studies the formulaic patterns and explores the place of science fiction and fantasy in popular culture.
What jobs do English grads get?

Duncan Major is an artist and designer based in St. John’s. Duncan founded his own imprint, Walpurgis Press, producing cards, prints and books. In his role as an art director and designer at Perfect Day, Duncan received a Juno nomination in 2016 for his work on the Long Distance Runners’ album Elements. Duncan holds a BA in English and was featured as an Alumnus of the Month for the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Other Memorial English majors include CBC broadcaster David Cochrane, NTV News reporter Amanda Mews, Canadian Navy commander Michele Tessier, Third Place Cocktail Company co-founder Dan Meades, writer Megan Coles, actor and arts administrator Aidan Flynn, travel blogger Candice Walsh and many more.