MA (Thesis)

The English Department offers MA students more than one way to earn their degree through the thesis option. Students can complete a literature thesis or a thesis that is a work of creative writing. All thesis students complete 5 graduate level courses, one of which is English 7003: Contemporary Issues in Theory and Practice, and four others. The Department offers at least one Creative Writing graduate course per year. 

Admission requirements for all MA students is the same and all graduate students attend seminars together. Creative writing and literature graduate students are fully integrated in our program.

Under the supervision of a committee of faculty members, MA thesis students will complete:

  • coursework (normally 5 graduate level courses);
  • a thesis proposal approved by the student’s committee;
  • and the preparation and examination of that thesis

Applicants to the MA thesis program should consult the Department's Research page for information about the research strengths and clusters in English at Memorial, including our Creative Writing faculty.

Full details on all aspects of the MA thesis program are in our MA Guidelines document.