Courses I have taught

I've covered a wide variety of courses since 1978 — from Anglo-Irish to Anthony Burgess, from Canadian short stories to Scottish Literature, from Restoration & 18th-Century to Book History & Print Culture:

1080 Critical Reading & Writing I
1101 Critical Reading & Writing II: Fiction
1102 Introduction to Drama

2000 Major Authors to 1800
2001 Major Authors after 1800
2003 Poetry
2850 Film

3001 Satire
3190 Scottish Literature*
3200 Shakespeare Tragedies
3130 The English Novel to 1800*
3813 National Cinema
3912 Songwriting*
3920 Reviewing†

4040 British Literature 1660-1750
4041 British Literature 1750-1790
4071 British Literature Between the Wars 1920-1945
4080 British Literature Since 1945
4900 Book History & Print Culture†

* These are courses I developed for the curriculum at Memorial.
† These are courses I helped design or redesign.

I have also helped develop special topics courses specifically designed for teaching at our campus in Harlow UK:

3713 British Drama in Performance with Mary Walsh
3714 Introduction to Creative Writing: Satire with Mary Walsh
3715 Foundling Literature

I have also conducted several graduate seminars:

5900 Bibliography
6040 Restoration & 18th-Century Literature
7045 Studies in 18th-Century Literature I: Satire
7046 Studies in 18th-Century Literature II: Literature and Copyright Law
7047 Studies in 18th-Century Literature III: Dryden, Pope, & Women Poets
7048 Studies in 18th-Century Literature IV: Pope, Publishing, Popular Culture, & Pornography
7085 Special Topics: Satire from Archilochus to CODCO

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