MA (Coursework)

The MA by coursework program in English allows students to take a variety of courses and complete the program in 12 months. All students must take English 7003: Contemporary Issues in Theory and Practice, plus 7 other graduate level courses. One of those other courses may be in a discipline other than English.

Past courses in the graduate program will give students a sense of what is offered.

Students who wish to pursue the coursework option but also engage in a dedicated research project can take English 6999: the Master's Essay. This course requires the student to complete, under the supervision of a faculty member, an independent research essay in the field. The essay should be of professional quality and should be approximately 30-35 pages in length.

Applicants to the MA program usually a BA (Honours) in English (or the equivalent) with a minimum B+ average in English courses, though admission is competitive and depends to a large extent on the pool of candidates.

Full details on all aspects of our MA programs are in the MA Guidelines document.