Introduced by J. Paul Hunter, Anniversary Essays (UTP, 2016) includes new approaches to Pope's Rape of the Lock by Pat Rogers, Louise Curran, Glynis Ridley, Katherine M. Quinsey, Nicholas Hudson, Raymond Stephanson, Barbara M. Benedict, Allison Muri, and Memorial graduate Kate Scarth.

Anniversary Essays, Pope's Rape of the Lock

The idea for putting together a collection of essays in celebration of the 300th anniversary of one of the most enchanting poems in the English language hit me at an 18th-century conference in 2010. After I rounded up some of the top scholars in the field, the University of Toronto Press contracted me to edit their contributions.

This received positive reviews from:

- Ashley Marshall, Modern Philology online (30 June 2017)

- Ileana Baird, Zayed U., SHARP News (21 Aug. 2016)

- Jenny Davidson, U. Virginia, Studies in English Literature 56.3 (2016): 9;

Here are my other books:

Don Nichol's other books

On the right: TransAtlantic Crossings: Eighteenth-Century Explorations, edited with Iona Bulgin, Sandra Hannaford and David Wilson (St. John’s: MUN Printing Services, 1995).
On the left: TransAtlantic Crossings II: Essays in Eighteenth-Century Sexuality & Textuality, edited with Adam Beardsworth and Katrina Thorarinson (St. John’s: MUN Printing Services, 2006).
  • Arising from graduate seminars, these two collections were co-edited by Memorial M.A. and Ph.D. students and contain several first-time MUN publications alongside essays by more established scholars. Some contributors have gone on to become professors.
The tan & turquoise trio: The New Foundling Hospital for Wit, 3 volumes (London: Pickering & Chatto, 2006).
  • Originally published in 6 volumes between 1768 and 1773 by the radical London bookseller John Almon, this satiric miscellany shook up the British establishment shortly before the American Revolution. It was grilled at length by Claude Rawson in the TLS.
Next two to the right in red/rust: 
    Lumen, vol. XIII, ed. with Margarete Smith, proceedings of the 1992 conference of the Canadian Society for 18th-Century Studies (Edmonton: Academic, 1994)
    & Lumen, vol. XXXI, proceedings of the 2010 conference of the Canadian Society for 18th-Century Studies (Montréal: Les Presses de l’Université de Montréal, 2012); also in digital form. 
  • These two volumes contain a selection of papers read at CSECS/SCEDHS conferences held in St. John's.

2nd from right: Pope’s Literary Legacy, Oxford Bibliographical Society, new series vol. XXIII, 1992. 
  • Based on the tail-end of my Ph.D. thesis, my first book was recommended to the OBS by J.D. Fleeman of Pembroke College, Oxford, and edited by James McLaverty and Henry Woudhuysen.

My publications acknowledge the considerable debt I owe to administrative staff, colleagues, graduate assistants, librarians, MUCEP students, and the SSHRC.