I organized two national conferences in St. John's for the Canadian Society for 18th-Century Studies in 1992 and 2010.

 New Worlds vs. Old: Discovery, Discourse & Rediscovery in the 18th Century


I've delivered…

• more than 70 conference papers since 1984, mostly for the American, British, and Canadian Societies for 18th-Century Studies (ASECS, BSECS & CSECS)

• guest lectures at Waddesdon Manor near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK (2014), the Rare Book School at the University of Otago in Dunedin, New Zealand (2013), and Commissariat House in St. John's (1998-2003),

• a series of lectures on the Origins of Intellectual Property at the University of Saskatchewan, Cambridge University, Edinburgh University, University of the West of England, Bristol, University of London, Oxford University, National Library of Scotland, and Birmingham University (1995-97),

• and a series of six lectures on Canadian literature at the Centre of Canadian Studies, Edinburgh University (1991).


All Conference Papers (1985-2017)

2017 “Stalking Stevenson from Edinburgh to Vailima,” International Scottish Studies Congress, Vancouver (22 June)
2017 ‘Murphy, Garrick, Creative Conflict & Copyright,’ ASECS, Minneapolis (30 Mar.)


2016 ‘How ENL passed Hoy & reached Z,’ NL Book History Symposium (8 May)
2016 ‘Johnson and the Problem of Stick-to-it-iveness,’ ASECS, Pittsburgh (1 Apr.)


2015 ‘The Case of Pope’s Missing Printer,’ CSECS, Vancouver (15 Oct.)


2014 ‘Rape of the Lock: Five Cantos, 300 Years,’ chaired roundtable, ASECS, Williamsburg (21 Mar.)


2013 ‘Making Babies 18th-Century Style in the NFHW,’ CSECS, London, UWO (17 Oct.)
2013 ‘Old & New Foundling Hospitals,’ Digital Miscellanies roundtable, ASECS, Cleveland (4 Apr.)
2013 ‘Was Pope the first million seller?’ ASECS, Cleveland (4 Apr.)
2013 ‘Birth/Modern Anthology,’ Hawaii International Conf. Arts & Humanities, Honolulu (14 Jan.)


2012 ‘Horses, Riders & Racing in 18th-Century Novels & The NFHW,’ CSECS, Edmonton (18 Oct.)
2012 ‘FHW/NFHW: A Subtext of C18 Miscellanies,’ American SECS, San Antonio (22 Mar.)


2011 ‘Robert Lloyd’s New River Head,’ ASECS, Vancouver (20 Mar.)
2011 ‘To Err is Popean: An Essay on Criticism @ 300,’ South Central SECS, St. Simon, GA (Feb. 18)


2010 ‘Encircling the Globe/The New Foundling Hospital for Wit,’ Canadian SECS, St. John’s (14 Oct.)
2010 ‘Reading /Reciting Sir Charles Hanbury Williams’ Isabella,’ ASECS, Albuquerque (Mar. 19)


2009 ‘Three Hundred Years of Pope in Print,’ Canadian SECS, Ottawa (6 Nov.)
2009 ‘Politics & Poetry: Editing Hanbury Williams and Wilkes,’ ASECS, Richmond, VA (27 Mar.)


2008 ‘The Wilkes Trade,’ Canadian SECS, Montreal (17 Oct.)
2008 ‘Of Beer, Mugs & Foundlings,’ American SECS, Portland, Oregon (27 Mar.)


2007 ‘Musings in the Letters of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams,’ Canadian SECS, Winnipeg (20 Oct.)
2007 ‘Editing (and re-editing) important historical MSS,’ International SECS, Montpellier (11 July)
2007 ‘The New Foundling Hospital for Wit & the Colonies,’ BSECS, Oxford (4 Jan.)


2006 ‘Editing The New Foundling Hospital for Wit pre-ECCO,’ CSECS, Halifax (20 Oct.)
2006 ‘Scots and The New Foundling Hospital for Wit,’ ASECS, Montreal (1 April)
2006 ‘Benjamin Franklin & John Almon: booking the revolution,’ De Bartolo, Tampa (17 Feb.)


2005 ‘So bad it’s good: The New Foundling Hospital for Wit,’ ASECS, Las Vegas (1 April)


2004 ‘A Pyrrhic Victory for Perpetual Monopoly,’ CSECS, London, UWO (23 Oct.)
2004 ‘Literary Lawyers: Boswell and Murphy on Copyright,’ ASECS, Boston (25 Mar.)


2003 ‘John Wilkes & The New Foundling Hospital for Wit,’ CSECS, Vancouver, UBC (24 Oct.)


2002 ‘8 Anne c. 19: Revisiting the Copyright Act,’ De Bartolo, Tampa (23 Feb.)


2000 ‘Satire, Scandal & Scots in The New Foundling Hospital for Wit,’ CSECS, Toronto (20 Oct.)
2000 ‘Literary Bastards in The New Foundling Hospital for Wit,’ BSECS, Aberdeen (13 Aug.)
2000 ‘RLS: Scottish Split Identity’ Scotland home & abroad, SFU, Vancouver (10 Mar.)


1999 ‘Pope, Warburton & Copyright,’ International SECS, Dublin (24 July)


1998 ‘Millar v. Taylor: Setting a dangerous precedent,’ MLA, San Francisco (28 Dec.)
1998 ‘Traumas of Transmission: Editing & Illustrating Pope’s Text,’ CSECS, Edmonton (17 Sept.)
1998 ‘Laughter in the 18th Century,’ Cdn Soc. for Study of European Ideas, Ottawa (28 May)


1997 ‘“Dead-born from the press’: Books as Men’s Babies,’ MEMSOP, SFU, Vancouver (18 Oct.)
1997 ‘A Bristol-Newfoundland Shaggy Dog Story,’ Cabot 500 Conference, UWE Bristol (1 May)
1997 ‘Alexander Donaldson and the Struggle against Perpetual Monopoly,’ ASECS, Nashville (10 Apr.)
1997 ‘© in the Brave New World Wide Web,’ Scholarly Comm./Millennium, Vancouver (6 Mar.)
1997 ‘Johnson’s Other Boswell,’ Western SECS, Berkeley (15 Feb.)
1997 BSECS, St. John’s College, Oxford (3-5 Jan.; delegate; executive member)


1996 ‘The London Trade Strikes Back: Booksellers’ Relief Bill, 1774,’ CSECS, U. Victoria (19 Oct.)
1996 ‘Arthur Murphy on Copyright,’ BSECS, London (5 Jan.)


1995 ‘The (Mis)Appropriation of Pope,’ 9th International SECS Congress, Münster (25 July)
1995 ‘Editing the Next 18th-Century Anthology,’ Textbook Colloquium, Glasgow (18 July)


1994 ‘Wilkes v. Warburton: A Study in Hatred,’ CSECS, U. of Saskatchewan (13 Oct.)
1994 Alexander Pope: World & Word (1744-1994), British Academy, London (27 May; delegate)
1994 ‘Johnson’s Editorial Treatment of Shakespeare,’ North-West SECS, UBC, Vancouver (5 Feb.)


1993 ‘Pope and Popular Culture,’ Canadian Humanities Association, Carleton U., Ottawa (3 June)
1993 ‘Editing Shakespeare in the 18th Century,’ Johnson Society, U. Toronto (2 Apr.)


1992 ‘Illustrating Pope’s Works,’ ASECS, Seattle (26 Mar.)


1991 ‘Boswell, Booksellers, and Copyright,’ CSECS, U. of Calgary (19 Oct.)
1991 ‘The Knaptons and the ESTC,’ 8th International SECS, Bristol (26 July)
1991 ‘Early Images of Canada,’ British Association for Canadian Studies, Nottingham U. (13 Apr.)
1991 ‘Inter-Personal Politics in the 18th-Century Book Trade,’ BSECS, London (3 Jan.)


1990 ‘Printing Pope in Scotland,’ 18th-Century Scottish Studies Society, Glasgow (3 Aug.)
1990 ‘Robert Garioch’s Edinburgh,’ Canadian Association of Scottish Studies, Vancouver (1 June)


1989 ‘Towards Making an Edition: Pope’s Works (1751),’ CSECS, Montreal (14 Oct.)
1989 ‘Warburton at War: editorial salvoes over Shakespeare and Pope,’ BSECS, Cambridge (7 Sept.)
1989 ‘“And keep a while one Parent from the Sky!”: Pope & pairing,’ De Bartolo, Tampa (10 Mar.)


1988 ‘Publishing After Pope: editorial concerns,’ CSECS, Dalhousie U., Halifax (14 Oct.)
1988 ‘Pratt’s epic pursuit,’ Atlantic Canada Studies, Centre/Canadian Studies, Edinburgh U. (6 May)


1987 ‘Wilkes and Editorial Liberty,’ CSECS, U. of British Columbia, Vancouver (16 Oct.)
1987 ‘Scott as the “Editor” of Waverley,’ Scott and his Influence, U. of Alberta, Edmonton (28 Aug.)


1986 ‘Pope’s Frontispiece to An Essay on Man,’ Modern Language Association, New York (28 Dec.)
1986 ‘Pope, Warburton & the problem of inference,’ CSECS, U. Ottawa (18 Oct.)
1986 ‘Andrew Millar,’ BSECS/Institute Project for Scottish Enlightenment, Edinburgh U. (29 Aug.)
1986 ‘Aberdeen, Imprints and the ESTC,’ Aberdeen U., BSECS (27 Aug.)
1986 ‘Pope’s working relationship with Warburton,’ Northeast MLA, Rutgers U. (3 Apr.) [in absentia]


1985 ‘Posthumous editions of Pope’s Works,’ CSECS, U. of Guelph (18 Oct.).