The PhD program in English offers the opportunity for advanced study, research and writing, leading to a doctoral dissertation. PhD applicants must have completed a Master of Arts in English literature, or its equivalent. Applicants to the PhD program should consult the Department's Research page for information about the research strengths and clusters in English at Memorial.

Under the supervision of a committee of faculty members, the PhD student will complete:

  • coursework (normally 5 graduate level courses);
  • a second language requirement;
  • comprehensive examinations of knowledge in their field(s) of research;
  • a dissertation proposal approved by the student’s committee;
  • and, the preparation and oral defense of that dissertation 

Successful PhD graduates in English move on to postdoctoral researcher positions; university faculty positions and other teaching posts; and work in the public, private and NGO sectors.

Deadline for applications to the PhD program is January 15th.

Full details on all aspects of the PhD program are in our PhD Guidelines document.