Dr. John Hanchar participates at the SEG-SGA-UNESCO Metallogeny Course

Jun 13th, 2018

F. Tornos, Nora Rubinstein, Anabel Gomez and Carolina Méndez

Dr. John Hanchar participates at the SEG-SGA-UNESCO Metallogeny Course

Dr. John Hanchar participated in the most recent edition (2017) of the SEG-SGA-UNESCO Latin American Metallogeny Course that was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in November 2017. This year the course was run under the general title of “Geology and geochemistry of magmatic-hydrothermal deposits from the Central Andes” and included 66 geologists interested in the knowledge and exploration of ore deposits from six Latin American countries (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador and Peru), Australia, Spain, Canada, and the UK.

The first talk covered recent advances in the geology and exploration of porphyry and epithermal systems and was presented by David Cooke (CODES, Australia). The second group of talks was devoted to the general aspects of the geochemistry and geochronology of ore forming systems, including the presentations by Fernando Tornos (CSIC, Spain) on the geochemistry of hydrothermal systems, John Hanchar (Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada) on U-Pb geochronology of zircon, and Colombo Tassinari (Universidade de Sao Paulo, Brazil) on the use of isotopic tracers and other geochronological methods for studying ore deposits. The regional geology and metallogeny, the topic of the third group of talks, included presentations. Two workshops were devoted to hydrothermal alteration and its implications in mineral exploration (Nora Rubinstein) and the application of radiogenic isotopes to geochronology and geochemistry of ore deposits (John Hanchar and Colombo Tassinari). Student participants presented their ongoing research projects in a poster session.


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