Welcome to the Department of Earth Sciences

 These webpages are designed for high school students interested in learning more about Earth sciences, our Department and our programs. For detailed information about the field of Earth sciences and possible career options, please read the Canadian Federation of Earth Sciences brochure, "Geoscience and Canada, Understanding our Earth: The vital role of Canada's geos". For detailed information about undergraduate programs and careers in Earth sciences at Memorial, please see the Student Handbook.

Student Field Trip

Should you be visiting the campus in St. John's, feel free to drop in so we can discuss Earth sciences as a field of study and your career options. You will find us in the General Office (ER4063), which is located in the link between the Earth Sciences (Alexander Murray) building and the Engineering (S. J. Carew) building.

Areas of Study

Many students are not certain which area of science they would like to study. To help you along with this often difficult question, ask yourself the following -

Are YOU curious about:

Plate Tectonics (Continental Drift)
How was our planet formed?
Why are there oil and gas on the Grand Banks?
How did the mineral deposits of our province originate?
Why are rocks different colors?
How are fossils created and preserved?
How do we know how old rocks are?

Do YOU enjoy:

The outdoors
Going to sea
Exploring distant places
Working with computers

Answering YES to any of these may mean that Earth sciences is for YOU.

Are YOU curious?
Are YOU intelligent?
Are YOU willing to work hard?
Are YOU willing to enjoy yourself?

If you can answer YES to these questions, then WE WANT YOU!

Strategic Plan

Honours Handbook